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  1. Copy, that. I'll try to get a non K or just see how ESX treats my Quo as is.
  2. I haven't tried this or care much about iMessenger. In my journey in bios hacking with ozmosis on other UEFI boards you can set nvram in the terminal and change some things this may help with getting this to work as it is a question a lot of people have on ozmisis thread too. xxxxxxxxxxxx=serial that need to be generated using clover configuration or chameleon wizard. here is the thread and more info might be in there to help with other problems I just copied and pasted from the first post. but if you look up the nvram stuff you might find what your looking for to fix this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/291655-ozmosis/ Another idea running off Donks post If your running a UEFI bios you could hack it using that thread and get oz to work and running ESX(i) might see it as mac hardware since a lot of the stuff is taken care of in the bios. I have a Quo with OZ but currently have a K (not so great with VM) processor in it. If I happen to switch it out for a regular one (non K) I'll test this out and report back.
  3. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    P.O.C. Bootcamp almost worked for me So I was bored and wanted to see if bootcamp would work. Before anyone jumps on my nuts this was just as a proof of concept. This was on a single drive and if anything it is a nice way to get the bootcamp drivers put on a usb drive for ya. If that is all you need or want stop after my first step. 1. Ran Bootcamp assistant got drivers computer rebooted. 2. I didn't have my dvd/cd set up as a boot method so I selected it from F12 in BIOS 3. Installed win7 x64* to Bootcamp drive after reformatting to NTFS 4. After install it reboots to finish install like normal. But mine didn't see the BC partition and I think it may be due to NTFS not being in oz.H3A ** 5. Got the idea to finish install in VMware* loading BC partition as a VM. It did its thing and unmounted the partition and ran the rest of the install. It installed the VMtools and rebooted 6. Drug the windows support from my usb mounted in osx to the desktop in windows in the VM and installed bootcamp. Was just a test to see drag and drop from one os to other. 7. Rebooted into windows after BC stuff installed 8. Shut down windows and open preference pane selected to boot from Bootcamp drive and it still booted into OSX * VMware needs virtualization to be turned on in the bios for it to run x64 OS's it is off by default in oz.h3a **I looked at h3a in MMTools and didn't see a ntfs driver I may be wrong but all I saw ExtFS, EnhancedFAT, and HFSPlus I'll try to update the bios and reflash with ntfs driver tomorrow sometime. I am pretty sure I need to add ntfs driver to h3a via this method http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/291655-ozmosis/?hl=+quo to get this to work properly but hey bootcamp almost works OOB If anyone has a dual boot system with NTFS working chime in. 2x drives or one partition ***See update below*** Happy Hacking @bs0d If your refering to my post about TB not working it is because I am using a Sand Bridge Processor with HD 3000 and TB doesn't work with it. If you have an Ivy Bridge with HD 4000 it should work OOB. TB relies on the GFX to work as it used for monitors and I am sure other reasons. Update: I am not looking into this any further. I don't care to run this set up, it was just an oh what the heck lets see how Vanilla this things wants to act. You will see below on post #453 winblows does work on multi partitioned drives with the oz.h3a bios
  4. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Confirmed: HDMI with audio working out of the box on a i5-2500k Sandy Bridge (Intel 3000). out of box Confirmed: Booting from raid. I have 2x 3tb sata 3 drives running right now. Software raid from install usb. out of box ML10.8.4 is being used oz.h3a bios. I just installed from USB. Everything works so far out of box. F.Y.I. org.netkas.FakeSMC (1.0.0d1) Loaded Side note: It seems thunderbolt wont work with the sandy bridge with HD300 after some searching . I plan to swap to an Ivy soon
  5. This may be useful to the VM scene Didn't want to directly link to a torrent site so here is the Source I found it on. http://thehackernews.com/2012/11/anonymous-leaks-vmware-esx-server-kernel.html#sthash.oly9Uuxb.dpbs
  6. Macbookpro dualboot booboo

    hold the option key when you boot, to boot back to the mac partition. that is if you didn't kill the whole drive and not just the windows partition.
  7. ADI 1988b on ASUS P5WDG2 WS PRO

    Here if your still interested http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;hl=P5WDG2+WS
  8. Yes and NO. Tue most composting can be done on a *nix box. Depending on the program being used. Quantel uses win 2k for it's eQ and iQ. But as for editing there is no full featured professional solution for SD or HD. There are some editing application but with nowhere the capabilities of an Avid or FCP box. You don't cut movies in finishing boxes. I don't want an apple or a window on my start up and have a system I can use to it's potential. As for Splits the hackintosh hater. Why are you still posting in the thread in am sure you can get your post count up somewhere else.
  9. Well since Apple doesn't sell a Professional Desktop, I will always Build my own Professional Desktops. The Mac Pro Sucks. I can't use any PCI x Hardware wtf? If people knew this before they bought it they wouldn't be as reluctant to get rid of all their Fibre, SCSI, Kona, Black Magic Hardware... There are reasons for updates, but anyone can get into the film Industry Professionally with a Hackintosh. And what about the Non-existant Bios? INEED TO CONTROL MY HARDWARE. Bottom Line. I can't control a Real mac, the RAM burns out from incorrect voltages, etc.. I hate them. I never have HARDWARE ISSUES, unless its a real Mac. I personally have Edited 2 feature Films, worked on a TV series you all know and Love on NBC. And a Red One Show, Dailies everyday, Production didnt mind. The rental was cheaper than a Real MAc! $40/day. 180/week = 10 weeks - Paid off Hackintosh and half built another one. Face it, Professionals are catching on... Apple your going to lose you crappy Hardware and be forced to Sell your OS universally. For some of us it is a matter of principle. I enjoy the OSX OS, I have to use FCP for working with the RED digital cinema camera. I refuse to pay for an over priced Gucci Computer case and garbage hardware. I like having the ability to replace any part of my computer at will and not have to donate any body parts in the process. I would run linux on the same system as my main os if there was ample support for editing film and HD. Enough about that, This wasn't intended to be a you should have a real mac to work professionally thread. It was a who is using this on real professional productions. I have no reason to buy something more expensive to get an inferior system. I believe our latest production on the RED, a TV show Pilot that we are shooting 7 more episodes in the winter, is enough proof you don't need a real mac to work with the most demanding workflow in film today. The hackintosh held up to the challenge for 2 months straight of shooting and is ready for next two.
  10. My roommate and I have been running hackintosh's since the first few disks came out in 05. We have been building machine's for the sole purpose of editing HD and now we are working with the RED camera and dealing with it's workflow and high demand on a system. I would rather people not discuss the actual names of productions due to some legal issues that may/may not rise up. But as of now we have used a Quad core on a TV pilot shot on the RED camera and DVD/BluRay extras for a newly released DVD Season of a popular US TV show. This is just a stab to see who else is taking hackintoshs to hollwood and putting them though the test on real productions.
  11. Need 3 expansion cards

    Really simple and cheaper than your 3 Cards, Get a new motherboard with 10/100/1000 and Sata, leaving you with an open PCI or PCI-e or both or more! P5k-e is what I have, P5LD2 is also a cheaper good board that is OSX friendly.
  12. i use my Hackintosh to encode Hours of Red One RAW .r3d files to Prorez HQ, DPX, Uncompressed. Redcine, Red ALert, Crimson, Every program for a mac works just fine. I'm using P5k-e and 9450 Quad 1333 clocked to 1600mhz FSb and a 8600GT 512. Every thing is very smooth.
  13. How to delete or disable Time Machine

    I just found that on Thursday night, I was going to post results. It works fine, also you put the same command for both options, except the first command you must cd to that directory that is listed in the second command. Alternatively you can just delete the prefs, app, menu icon, plist. to eliminate it entirely.
  14. How to delete or disable Time Machine

    I wish it was THAT easy... which plist correlates to whether the system will ask if I would like to use as a backup device? There must be a 'yes' 'no' setting up whether it asks or not. is there a command that can control the way Time Machine behaves?
  15. I work as an Assistant Editor and On Set Data Manager for Red One and other cameras that use Hard Drives as recording devices. I connect 7-8 or more devices that are affected by Time Machine's 'Would you like to use xxx__xxx as a Backup device? I really want to disable it so I don't take a risk of hitting 'Yes' by accident. Any clues would be greatly appreciated.