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    How can I increase my Leopard partition size?

    I have XP installed on one partition. OSX86 on another. I am dual booting using chain0 in xp file directory. I want to delete my xp partition and expand my OSX86 partition to the full size of my hard drive and make it bootable. How can I go about doing that?
  2. buildersofmachines

    Intel Wireless 2100, 2200bg, 2915bg, 3945abg, 4965agn

    Can't we just buy used (or new) airpot minipci cards with broadcom chips in them and replace our slow intel 3945? It should run native in OSX.
  3. buildersofmachines

    Toshiba A205-S4587

    Ok I can get it to install by plugging in a VGA monitor. But how did you get the Audio to work?
  4. buildersofmachines

    Instaling OSX86 on Toshiba a205 S4577

    So I downloaded Jas's version of 10.4.8 When I try to install it hangs at the blue screen right after the apple logo screen. Any help? I have created a partition on my primary hard drive and formatted it with diskpart to hfs+ and made that the active partition.
  5. buildersofmachines

    Toshiba A205-S4587

    When I try to install I get past the apple logo but it hangs at the blue screen.
  6. buildersofmachines

    Instaling OSX86 on Toshiba a205 S4577

    Has anyone tried this. What version on OSX should I use. I am going to download 10.4.8 but has anyone done it yet and would like to give me advice.
  7. buildersofmachines

    network cable unplugged...

    how do i get a new driver if i cant go online?
  8. buildersofmachines

    network cable unplugged...

    my "mac" recognizes the built-in ethernet adapter but it wonk recognize a cable being plugged in resulting in no internet. i have intel pro 10/100 ethernet. Also DHCP wont work. help please
  9. buildersofmachines

    This is what i got i need help

    i found some guides but none really lay it out what i want exactly if you know of one could you show me please.
  10. buildersofmachines

    This is what i got i need help

    I have these current files: -floppy.flp -tiger-x86.nvram -tiger-x86.vmdk -tiger-x86.vmsd -tiger-x86.vmx -tiger-x86-flat.img -vmware -vmware-0 -vmware-1 -vmware-2 im pretty sure this is what everyone else has. I dont have a dvd burner? do i need one? I also want to run it on another hard drive that is a slave right now, not a partition. I'm pretty new to this and just extracted all the files and searching the forums but i cant seem to find the answers i need. so any help i greatly appriciated.