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  1. Intel HD 4400 not working

    any help for getting intel hd 4400 work?
  2. how to get it work? I have the same problem.
  3. Intel HD 4400 not working

    ok, on fake id how to I read this: - Intel HD3000 DID=0x0122 works if we change it to 0x0126 - Dell Wireless 1595, DeviceID=0x4315 is not supported. FakeID=0x431214E4 in 10.6.8 - Marvell Yukon 8056, DeviceID=0x4353 is not supported. FakeID=0x436311ab how can I know wich fake ID should be changed to? thx
  4. [Newbie] Hackintosh build on Haswell (i3-4130)

    I sucessfully install 10.9 but the graphic isn't enabled (HD 4400 with dev id 041e). I see this dev id not supported by AzulFB and caused flickering on the screen. how to enabled it?
  5. hi, currently I'm using Intel i3 4130 with onchip GPU Intel HD 4400 with dev id 041e wich is not supported by intelAzulFB. how to enable this graphic? thank you.
  6. Intel HD 4400 not working

    can you explain to me how to do this? how to find compatible fake id? currently i'm using clover. thank you
  7. [Newbie] Hackintosh build on Haswell (i3-4130)

    Hi, how to get hd4400 work? I can't get it to worked
  8. Mavericks Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    how to get ALC662 work? I don't see this codec support one first post
  9. Intel HD 4400 not working

    I succesfully installed maverick 10.9 on my pc and it boot normally. but, one thing about screen, whenever there are animation, the screen get flicker and tear. How can I fix this problem? and how to check if qe/ci enabled? fyi, my pc's spec: Intel i3 4130 with onchip GPU Intel HD 4400 Asrock H81M-HDS 4400id.tiff
  10. Clover General discussion

    Hi, I have maverick 10.9 installed with intel hd 4400 graphic (id 0x041e revision0x0006). but there's screen flickering when there's animation played. any solution? thank's