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  1. iLok problem

    I am having ILOK issues as well with 10.6.. Every time I launch ProTools I have to tell it to authorize my ProTools 8 MP and Music Production toolkit options. Then when I launch certain plugins (waves, some of the AIR plugs or when PT looks for the transfuser content authorization) it can't seem to talk to the ilok. I can see the iloks in the "about this mac" page.. Not sure what the deal is. I am using a GA EP45-ud3p, Nvidia 9800, blah blah blah.. I used the lifehacker method of installing. any ideas? Thanks!
  2. EP45-UD3 Installation Problem

    I don't have an answer for you, but I am having the same issue. Right now I am at a point where it is only hanging indefinately. I suspect it is our Radeon cards. All of the guides I have seen are for folks using nVidia cards.
  3. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    If I am not mistaken, for Leopard, you need to be using Pro Tools 7.4.2 give that a shot
  4. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    I had graphics problems after 10.5.4, and it was due to my video card not running quartz properly. Once I fixed that my graphic troubles went away.
  5. Amplitube?

    I am in fact a registered user, and I have gotten the updates. still doesnt seem to work real great unless you use 1 core.
  6. Digi002 rack no Working

    Yes, you should read it carefully.... "Digidesign is pleased to announce the availability of Pro Tools® 7.4.2 software, which provides Mac OS X 10.5.3 and 10.5.4"
  7. Amplitube?

    Ahhh. I see. So it's a protools/leopard issue then. That's good in the respect that I have hope of being able to use leopard down the road. when they fix these issues at least. Thanks for taking the time to respond!
  8. Amplitube?

    Is anyone else using amplitube on a hackintosh? I have a quad-core (45nm) CPU, and pro-tools LE 7.4.2.. Works ok, except for a couple of plugins.. namely Amplitube and Revolver... When I try to use them I have to set the # of RTAS processors to 1 otherwise I get all sorts of stuttering and a DAE error. Im not sure if this is specific to a 'hacked' mac or if this problem exists on "real" macs as well, so I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone else has tried these plugins in hacky.
  9. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    Just in case this was keeping anyone awake at night, the issue turned out to be the graphics driver. Once I update the natit stuff the waves plugin GUI's worked fine too.
  10. Sonic Core (formely Creamware) comes to OSX

    They still dont have proper support of hardware mix controllers. DOnt know what they are thinking sometimes. Fantastic products in some respects, but in others they are still struggling to catch up to what everyone else was doing back in 2001.
  11. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    My DIGI002 console & 7.4.2 seem to work pretty well on my hackintosh (10.5.4) Only problem I have is that ever since the 10.5.3 update my waves plugins pop up with a blank GUI. Not sure what that is all about.. That happened with the 5.8 version of the plugins and it is still happening with the v6 waves plugins.