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  1. Hey! I don't think its possible to make El Capitan work flawlessly in our system. Specially because USB3 won't work, caused by the Fresco FL1009 chipset. Merry Christmas and happy new year!
  2. Ah, I see. Well, from what i think, I am uploading my serials using the config.plist, which wouldn't get replaced, I think.
  3. Thanks! This resolved issues I had with the laptop not recognizing the battery. the only issue is: I had custom values for the serial, MB ROM, SM BIOS. For some reason the package replaced with random values, which caused the FaceTime to deactivate. Just had to put the older values there.
  4. The problem with that distro is that it contains some custom adjustments in order to work with a hackintosh. Some things may not work (like your wifi), mostly because of kext conflict. There is I need for installing new kexts after the package.I have faced the same problem using the official Yosemite. I managed to instal it using the option Load Video Bios in Clover. Please try and use only the official installer to avoid compatibility issues with our package.
  5. How did you download the OS X Yosemite? The best way is to use a real mac (or a virtual machine) and download the official version via AppStore. And then you use a program like DiskMaker X to burn it to the USB drive. You should boot your clover USB drive. Did you format it to Fat32? Apparently all you did "wrong" was using the transmac.
  6. Thanks @tluck, I will try and update clover later, I am stuck at the version included in the package. I can confirm that the MLB and ROM mod works, just needed a real mac.
  7. Ok nevermind, managed to get it to work by rewriting the config.plist. It seems that mine had some errors. By the way, got imessages and facetime working. Used a real MLB and ROM as the tutorial instructed.
  8. Tried to do the steps from the tutorial but all fields are left with a NoSelection and I can't write MLB or ROM. Any one experienced that?
  9. guys, any one can confirm if its safe to upgrade clover? There seems to be lots of new versions released.
  10. Use the USB flash drive for that, then you can remove it.
  11. Thanks! I will look into it! a bit expensive, but for Wifi AC + BT4 I think it is worth.
  12. Hey guys, which you consider being a good wifi adapter to replace in my Vostro, apart from the apple stock (it involves too much manual skills to install, something I am not good at haha)? I have a DW 1702, and bought a DW 1510, then discovered it doesn't have bluetooth! I am totally getting a iPhone 6 and want to all the Handoff/Continuity features to work
  13. lol. I finally managed to install it, had to use "load video bios" in clover. It took 1h give or take for each step. The only bug I noticed is during boot, when the Apple logo is distorted (looks like a video bug), but then it goes to the login screen with no problems. Months after my new HDD arrived (got a 3rd generation 1tb Seagate SSHD) I never had any more issues with slow response I was having with the Samsung one. Now next step is to acquire a broken MBP in order to use the Serial and then iMessage. EDIT: Nevermind, just called apple care and got registered
  14. Was I the only one who couldn't get Yosemite installed? Both update or clean install. It stays in a black apple screen forever (but I can move my pointer lol). 3450 AMD graphics here
  15. Oh god, I just found some reports on that HDD, another Samsung {censored}, aparently (we have lonh history of faulty Samsung drives here in Brazil). Well I think I will replace it (or the internal one) with a brand new 3rd gen Seagate SSHD. I won't buy a SSD because I need storage room in the laptop, and can't always travel with an external drive. I didn't imagine that this laptop's problems were so extense. Really it makes more sense to use a slower (and colder) HDD in such a project. Or a ssd. When looking the SMART of the internal one it seems that it is almost failing too (partially because of the temperature). Need to replace it asap as well. I remember when buying it, trying to find the HD and realising such a mistake. Unfortunatelly, here in Brazil, exchanging it would void the warranty, so I had to give to my brother a 1st gen momentus xt I had bought back then (and he has an old C2D with a 2400XT radeon, such a waste lol) As for the cooler, do you recall what model you bought? Would be a nice investment to buy one. And thanks for the help bro, will keep you updated as soon as I figure everything out.