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  1. NoEnd

    HS 2019-003 update

    Hi, Please find the results in attachments Send me Ahmeds-iMac.zip
  2. NoEnd

    HS 2019-003 update

    Thanks, will try and report back, but does this means that my EFI is fine?
  3. Hello guys, I have trying to update to 2019-003 secuirty patch for the past week however will always fail to boot to the update and will get all sort of kernel panic. I restore using Time Machine. I think there is an issue with my Config file, as even sound is not stable. I'm attaching my EFI for your reference https://ufile.io/ttakrfe2 CPU: 9900K Motherboard: ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI) GPU: 1080 ti Thanks
  4. NoEnd

    Upgrading from 1080t to Radeon VII

    Not yet, I'm trying to sell my card first.
  5. Hi guys, Currently my High Sierra hackintosh is running on Nvidia GTX 1080ti, I'm planning to change it to Radeon VII as I can see that it will be supported in the coming Mojave release. What steps do I need to follow to complete this change? I worried that the current Mojave installer I have might be an earlier version, will it display so I can installer the latest release? Do I need to remove all Nvida drivers? do I need to change my config file? Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, I have ordered an NVME drive to upgrade my hackintosh drive. My question is how to upgrade my system with this drive? should I clone the drive then plug and play or there are other measurements I need to consider? Also which Application you recommend for the clone? I'm using APFS. Thanks
  7. Last Update I have followed a tutorial that suggested 1. Make sure your System Definition in SMBIOS is correct. If not, use Clover Configurator to generate the proper serial number2. Quit all applications, open up the Terminal and type: sudo rm -rf /Library/Updates/* followed by sudo rm -rf "/macOS Install Data" (this will get rid of any partial/incomplete updates you may have stored on your system while attempting to update)3. Instead of going the usual App Store route, run the following command inside the terminal: sudo softwareupdate --dump-state -i -a and update went through Thanks
  8. I have followed some tutorials online to fix this CPU panic apparently and successful booted, however failed to install. I have updated Lilu, added fixSATA. Disable some of the KextToPatch: change 15 port limit to 26 10.11.x change 15 port limit to 26 10.12.x 10.12-AppleHDA/Realtek ALC... 10.12-AppleHDA/Realtek ALC1220 Please check image
  9. Hi team, I have tried to update to security update 2019-001 multiple time with no luck, today I've booted the update with -verbose and attached videos shows the details. Appreciate your help Thanks Untitled.mov