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    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    @tluck after change Product Model set from 8,3 to 8,1,erverything works perfect. Even nothing else changed. but i make a Override's profile for my Dell U2211H anyway... thank you very much.
  2. plinux

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Hi tulck, My external monitor(Dell U2211H) not work no matter using VGA cable , DP cable or DVI cable(on dock). Everything works fine under Win8 exclude the hardware bug. I can guaranty the setup is fully follow the steps in your guideline. when I close the lid , It can be boot into clover screen and choose MAC OS ,splash screen spin normal, then go to balckscreen(without input signal), automatic reboot system again. check with `bdmesg` show it loading right the OEM config.plist without errors happen. My T420 is 4180CTO(get to know from bios). the hardware is almost same like your's except CPU (i7 2820 BGA TO PGA) if i remove the /System/Library/Displays/Overrides/DisplayVendorID-30e4, the phenomenon is same like external monitor have...automatic reboot. So maybe need update DisplayVendorID for external monitor. I try to generate my specific monitor edid under MAC but fail when I log in safe and verbose mode using genedid.sh . because it cannot detect get any information of external monitor in this mode. `ioreg -l` only find built-in monitor. So I try to get edie under linux //using this same monitor connect another pc with centos installed: sh#monitor-get-edid | hexdump -C 00000000 00 ff ff ff ff ff ff 00 10 ac 5e 40 4c 34 36 37 |..........^@L467| 00000010 17 14 01 03 80 30 1b 78 ee ee 95 a3 54 4c 99 26 |.....0.x....TL.&| 00000020 0f 50 54 a5 4b 00 71 4f 81 80 d1 c0 01 01 01 01 |.PT.K.qO........| 00000030 01 01 01 01 01 01 02 3a 80 18 71 38 2d 40 58 2c |.......:..q8-@X,| 00000040 45 00 db 0b 11 00 00 1e 00 00 00 ff 00 4d 46 31 |E............MF1| 00000050 58 58 30 36 38 37 36 34 4c 0a 00 00 00 fc 00 44 |XX068764L......D| 00000060 45 4c 4c 20 55 32 32 31 31 48 0a 20 00 00 00 fd |ELL U2211H. ....| 00000070 00 38 4c 1e 53 11 00 0a 20 20 20 20 20 20 00 74 |.8L.S... .t| pick middle parts of hex number to a single line: 00ffffffffffff0010ac5e404c3436371714010380301b78eeee95a3544c99260f5054a54b00714f8180d1c001010101010101010101023a801871382d40582c4500db0b1100001e000000ff004d463158583036383736344c0a000000fc0044454c4c205532323131480a20000000fd00384c1e5311000a2020202020200074 sh#origEDID=00ffffffffffff0010ac5e404c3436371714010380301b78eeee95a3544c99260f5054a54b00714f8180d1c001010101010101010101023a801871382d40582c4500db0b1100001e000000ff004d463158583036383736344c0a000000fc0044454c4c205532323131480a20000000fd00384c1e5311000a2020202020200074 sh#echo "$origEDID" | xxd -r -p | openssl base64 AP///////wAQrF5ATDQ2NxcUAQOAMBt47u6Vo1RMmSYPUFSlSwBxT4GA0cABAQEB AQEBAQEBAjqAGHE4LUBYLEUA2wsRAAAeAAAA/wBNRjFYWDA2ODc2NEwKAAAA/ABE RUxMIFUyMjExSAogAAAA/QA4TB5TEQAKICAgICAgAHQ= the red one should be i wanted it is different with built-in monitors below: AP///////wAw5OICAAAAAAEUAQOAHxF46jOFmVZVkScXUFQAAAABAQEBAQEB AQEBAQEBAQEBgCVAgGCEGjAwIDUANq4QAAAYQB9AgGCEGjAwIDUANq4QAAAY AAAA/gBMZW5vdm8KICAgICAgAAAA/gAxNjAweDkwMAogICAgAMc= but i don't know how to get DisplayProductID , DisplayVendorID and other parameters of Dell U2211H. Hi tulck, could you please help me here? I really don't have a clue for this problem. Any more information you may want me show you,please let me know. Installation Usb clean install Boot with CLOVER uefi only Post-install 1. Use OEM folder and config.plist as is, install custom kexts by Kext Utility from zip to /System/Library/Extension. 2. Reboot - hit spacebar on your boot selection to restart without kext caches to make sure it loads custom kexts just installed. 3. Create custom SSDT for proper P/C states to match system and put it into OEM folder
  3. plinux

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Hi tluck, thanks, I will check the way you mentioned. 1> yes, i use the OEM config.plist instead. I already have one VGA cable.So I want to try if it works. Do i need replace the AppleIntelHDGraphicFB.kext (I'm not sure the kext name is right)? the testing on VGA is for checking the function of system if it work with the external monitor .if the system works then will get a DP cable.
  4. plinux

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Hi, tluck, thank your guideline,everything works perfect except VGA port for external monitor (DELL u2211h) does't work. Steps & Sign: Power on monitor. Connect laptop with VGA port. //the monitor led turn greeen then turn yellow .(it means connection detected first. then without data sending from laptop) I can confirm the function of the hardware should be ok. because it works fine under Windows 8. Lenovo T420 (4180CTO) i7-2820QM | HD 3000 only | 8GB | 1600x9000| 10.9.2 (Clover UEFI on T420 Guide)