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  1. I have maverick 10.9 running on my pc: Installation: Download [/size]Niresh Maverick 10.9 If you are on a windows follow this [/size]Tutorial to make a USB installer if you are on Mac/Hackintosh just use Disk Utility[/size] Restart your PC then go into your BIOS settings and change the Sata mode from IDE TO AHCI Change the boot device to USB then save and exit[/size] Restart your pc and boor from USB you will have something like [/size]this If you have AMD FX processor then use the bootflags ''amdfx -v'' [/size]OR if you have an [/size]AMD64 then use the bootflags ''[/size]amd64 -v'' [/size]OR if you have normal amd processor then use the bootflag ''[/size]amd -v'' Everything should go smooth, Customize your installation depending on your hardware if you're not sure browse the interweb *Google is your friend** The installation should finish with no errors, restart your pc, boot into maverick using the bootloader. Customize your OS, after you finish customizing and you reach the desktop [/size]DO NOT DO ANYTHING TILL ITS FINISH THE POST-INSTALLATION [/size]it will tell you when its finish and then you can restart My Build: (Bought a normal PC and i upgraded the CPU and I'm gonna upgrade the gpu to GTX 750 ti + 4gb Ram) Motherboard: ASUS M5A78L M LE CPU: AMD FX-6300 3.5Ghz GPU: nvidia GT-630 2gb DDR3 Gigabyte Edition Ram: 4gb of Ram PSU: Crappy 500W OS: Mac os x Maverick 10.9 Dual Booting with Windows 8.1 PRO x64 ​ ​ ​ ​ Whats Working: Almost Everything You Tell me Whats Not Working: Adobe illustrator CC and CS6 crashes after the splash screenTUTORIAL IS HERE credits Duran Keeley -Post bootloader is not working, i have to boot using the USB installer. iMessages, Facetime and iCloud doesn't work. You Tell me Any feedback would be great. Thanks!