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  1. Neo Os

    Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    I mean, is there a full image already installed and setuped of snow leopard? i don't have the retail DVD and i want to save time by getting a fully working image that only needs setup of some sorts..
  2. Neo Os

    Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    Hi, I would like to know the exact name for the snowleopard image i should download... i can't seem to find out the name.
  3. Thx for the replies. does anyone can suggest any wifi cards??? any other motherboards? I forgot CPU... i think E5200 or E7300... which is better with OC?
  4. Hi, After doing a lot on my laptop and my home pc (AMD) i have decided to get a dedicated desktop for my hackintosh. wanted to know how low end can i buy it. 1. MOBO : gigabyte - GA-G31M-S2L or G31M-ES2L 2. Memory - 4GB 800mhz 3. HDD - HD501LJ‎ by Samsung. 4. Graphics Card - ‎GV-R435OC-512I ‎ ATI Radeon HD 4350 by gigabyte 5. sound - OB 6. LAN - 6.1 cable lan - OB 6.2 Wifi lan - needs to be pci card and i have no idea - would love a recommendation if you may 7. Leopard install DVD - will use LEO4ALL or any other kind if you would say otherwise. Thanks for helping.
  5. Neo Os

    R.I.P Prawker

    May You Rest in Peace. So Sad to hear That. i had a friend who died from cancer. it's hard to grasp the void created.... RIP
  6. how can i resolve this? i didn't have it on the previous code build.... finally when i run on efi this happens??? any one can help with this?
  7. thx for the latest svn... after building the kext and installing it i get this msg how can i resolve this? i didn't have it on the previous code
  8. Neo Os

    Buying a Wifi Card

    which Atheros should be better? any specific model i need to know about???
  9. for some reason the svn is not working for me to get the last version of the code. can someone post here the latest svn i think 654 for the 3945 card? i want the full code so i can build on my xcode - i installed the leopard with EFI v.8 GUID instead of MBR. now i want to check if it works - maybe help develop the driver..
  10. Neo Os

    Buying a Wifi Card

    no suggestions....??????
  11. Neo Os

    Buying a Wifi Card

    Hi there guys. my 3945 a/b/g intel card fail to work on my laptop. so i have checked around and saw that the atheros cards are supported in the leopard by default? if so which card should i buy? thank you for helping.
  12. Neo Os


    ty. i am not asking about how to copy a file... just asked about the old kernel and how to get it... ty for your help.
  13. Neo Os


    bump..... any 1 can help????
  14. Neo Os


    can you point me to a download area and instructions for it??? i don't realy know the kernel update procedure manually...
  15. Neo Os


    With Gr8 sorrow and much despair i have found my self this morning with the leo(x86) installed on my laptop - not working.... did a little research and found out that my sister did an update to it. she said it asked for a reboot. so she did it and now - the system is not booting. as it start to load the system it just reboots. i think it's the update you mentioned on the start page. i am so angry about it - i had to work quite a bit to get all the programs i wanted and all the configuration i wanted... may it rest in peace??? if any of you have any idea on how to fix it without reinstalling the system i would love it...