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  1. USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    Right, well I got it to work this morning. At least...work in the sense that I copied the new one over and my keyboard and mouse still works. My iPhone still doesn't show up, or start charging or anything.
  2. USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    So one should just have to copy the IOUSB ktext into their Extensions folder and it will work? What is the proper way to copy this folder, because the last time I tried, it said it wasn't installed right. I believe it had to do with permission issues.
  3. iPhone not recognized at all

    I'm just starting from scratch...I hate when I start changing things and it doesn't work...I always get the feeling it will never be 100%. This time I am downloading all of the files I will need onto my XP drive so I don't have to go through and download them. I think it was permissions as well, because it kept saying it wasn't installed properly. The same thing happened with the 80211 ktext file, but that obviously wasn't a critical file.
  4. iPhone not recognized at all

    Well this sucks...I tried copying that IOUSB.ktext file that I found after reading through the PCGenEHCI thread, and now my keyboard nor mouse works. I am on Ubuntu live cd right now, and I can't read my desktop directory on my osx drive to copy the backup to my extensions folder. Is there anything I can do?
  5. This is the second time I have set up Zephyroth's AMD install. My keyboard and mouse work find, both are USB. When I plug my iPhone in, nothing happens. OSX doesn't recognize it, and the phone doesn't even charge. I searched, some solutions included rebooting with it plugged in (which didn't work), and some went unaswered.
  6. I have the latest iTunes, but that didn't help. I bypassed the iPhone dock and plugged my phone directly into the USB cable - nothing. I plugged it into one of the USB ports on my G15 - I get a warning that it doesn't have enough power for the device. I plugged it into the same port as my G15 - nothing. It doesn't even charge the phone. No connection notice either. I installed 10.5.2 with the Zephyroth image, the latest TOH, 9.0.2 I think. Everything else seems to work fairly well, keyboard and wireless mouse. Is there anything I can try?
  7. iPhone SDK seems to ruin OSX86 install

    Because it's insanely easy for me to reinstall, I did just that. I assumed my install was done for. Plus I had screwed things up from the night before with trying to fix the boot loading stuff, so I figured good riddance anyways.
  8. iPhone SDK seems to ruin OSX86 install

    Cool, thanks for the info. Now I know what a kernel panic is, too. Luckily the SDK doesn't require it...I've already been working on my first app for the past couple hours, getting used to the code. It's very interesting, I'm starting to get a hang of it.
  9. iPhone SDK seems to ruin OSX86 install

    From what I can tell, some sort of hardware prober. Which is why I'm guessing OSX crashes.
  10. iPhone SDK seems to ruin OSX86 install

    If anyone else has this issue...just uncheck the second option in the installer, which are the CHUD tools...this breaks your install.
  11. By distribution fees, I assume you are including free access to the SDK for 3 months until applications are officially available, giving everyone ample time to learn and develop their code, along with providing a medium that makes said application available to a million people over Edge and WiFi, and being signed so that potential buyers won't have to question if it's safe or not... I think 30% is fair. Back on topic, I think Apple will end up deciding to let the background suspend be something you can override. They are probably testing it right now, and weighing the benefits and consequences. They are probably worried about battery life and potential conflicts. There's no way they will allow it unless they are 100% sure no issues will arise.
  12. The whole point of getting OSX86 running was so I could download the iPhone SDK and play around with that. When the install was finished, I got a new alert I've never seen...it put a transparent black overlay on the screen, with a power button in the background, and said to restart my machine by holding down the power button. Funny thing is, it repeated this message in various languages. I figured it was just Mac's way of saying to restart after an intense install. So I restarted...now everytime it boots up, I get the same screen. So now I'm guessing something seriously bad happened. I have a feeling it's related to gcc, but it's just a guess. Is there some kind of known issue, or a patch already that can fix this?
  13. I was having the same blinking issue when not having the DVD in, so I tried the steps mentioned. But when I get to startupfiletool, it says "startupfiletool: Unrecognized filesystem". Must have typed the wrong disk number for the last command. Tried booting into my windows hdd and got b0 error. Redid the commands, everything worked, but I got the same b0 error when booting into leopard hdd without install disc.
  14. Update: I'm posting while in OSX right now. Used the Zephyroth install. I didn't even notice the chipsets tree node, where I found the nForce4 chipset. So my working install was: Newer SSE3 Kernel nForce4 Chipset nVidia + 256 meg driver forcedeth LAN And I think that's it. Known issues: D-Link wifi card doesn't seem to work. Big issue for me: iPhone dock doesn't work. My keyboard and mouse are USB, and even my sound is through USB, which all work fine. iPhone dock doesn't charge my phone, nor does it connect to OSX. Any ideas?
  15. Tried using the "flat image" install...every time I tried booting into it, it restarted. So I tried Zephyroth's 10.5.2 image. Burned it, booted into it, and upgraded my Leopard install to 10.5.2. I selected the nVidia drivers (ktexts? and the 258mb driver). Install went smoothly, restarted, takes me through the initial white apple screen, but then then a black desktop (apple's mouse cursor shows), just never goes beyond that. Tried installing it again, wiped out the whole hdd to do a fresh install. Selected both SSE3 kernels. Got stuck on the white apple screen, it loads for a few seconds, and then displays that circle with a slash through it, almost looks like a broken image. Chris posted this on the first page. Tried using just the newer SSE3 kernel the third time. Same thing. Specs are in my sig, my CPU does support SSE3.