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  1. Wow! I crashed last night myself. I guess you guys made some major progress here... Great. I wish I had half the Hack knowledge you guys do. About this (this is the last time I will comment on it) but I just want to be clear that I was the one who stated "It is a problem with Clover it seems", not Pike or anyone else. I think there maybe was some misunderstanding here. I shouldn't have said anything lol... Moving on... I'm going to move away from 10.11.6 and go to Sierra. I will be using PB vs. DP, that being said... SammlerG: I have another favor to ask... Can you be as kind as to translate Pike's patch to the 6900K/PB5 for me as you did for El Cap a few days ago? _xcpm_bootstrap Sierra © Pike R. Alpha Find 83C3C483FB22 Replace 83C3C183FB22 _xcpm_pkg_scope_msr © Pike R. Alpha Find BE0700000031D2E894FCFFFF Replace BE0700000031D29090909090 _xcpm_core_scope_msrs © Pike R. Alpha Find BE0200000031D2E86CFCFFFF Replace BE0200000031D29090909090 xcpm performance fix 1 (wrsmr fix to get CPU max) © okrasit Find 89D8C1E008B99901 Replace B800FF0000B99901 XCPM_idle fix by Pike R. Alpha Find 20B9E20000000F30 Replace 20B9E20000009090 Other than that, the information here is very helpful... Special thanks to Fljagd and SammlerG for answering all my questions...
  2. Yeah, I think that comment was more directed at me. I re-read (and then edited) my post above, which did appear to be blatantly pointing fingers - absolutely was not my intention. I edited it to reflect what I was actually trying to communicate. No blame here either!! Let's move on, shall we? We should take this over to your post Gia...
  3. You are correct. My comment was taken way out of context. I meant that I was using Clover, Pike was using his own Revoboot. He was unable to come to any conclusions in our very brief (unfinished) email conversation based on the fact it wasn't the bootloader he was using. I surely didn't mean to ruffle any feathers, offend anyone or "place blame" - only trying to weed thru different variables....
  4. Yes, you are correct. My apologies. Should be set to disable.
  5. You know what I mean... I'm ever so grateful for everything everyone has done in this community. I will start one now.
  6. I talked briefly with Pike about this... As we know, Clover needs FakeCPUID for some unknown reason**, but Revoboot doesn't need (nor has any option for) FakeCPUID to boot his 6850K. He did mention needing to change some BIOS settings in his blog, mainly "Above 4G Decoding" to enable disable. I will do some more testing over the weekend. Anyone else care to chime in here? ** Edited to remove a comment that could be perceived as placing blame on Clover concerning unknown variables. This comment was also made by ME and no one else. Pike never implied it was a Clover issue, nor had I meant it that way either. Again, my apologies.
  7. Is anybody out there using the 6900K and having the following issue? I can't get it to boot unless I used a FakeCPUID that I used with my 5930K. I'm really confused by it... Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. I talked to Brumbaer about this... This was his response (and it makes logical sense if you think about it): Note: I've tried them all, only OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi works for me. EDIT: One last question for any one of you... What board ID/Freq Vec should I be using for the 6900K?
  9. YES! And I just ran into the same exact issue. Had me bonked for like 2 hours on WTF was going on. See, I had a backup disk with an older version of Clover (almost same config.plist) and I could boot with the older disk, but not the up-to-date disk! So I figure that it was Clover as a couple of their boot files increased in size in more recent updates. I saw your post and decided to compare apples to apples (no pun intended) both config files/kexts/efi drivers etc and derrrrp. One had the FakeCPUID and the other didn't. The one that wasn't booting past the screen you described was the one without FakeCPUID. So your theory has been confirmed sir. What does this mean for us being capable of booting with xcpm? I will leave that to a more knowledgeable person here. We should also bring this to Brumbaer's attention though. I have NO IDEA what this means as far as his patch is concerned... Good news though, is the CPU is working well. All cores, full (base) frequency and I got a pretty decent GB score for not doing anything to Clover yet... Remember the score is at 3.2Ghz. In Windows with a light overclock I beat the 12-core MP haha. Man they really need to update that thing... Now I just need f'ing Nvidia to update their drivers to support Pascal - I was "forced" into updating my system because my MicroCenter "warranties" were about to expire, so I had to trade them in for new stuff. A 6900K and two GTX 1080's (poor me, I know). So for your reference I'm running an Asus X99 Sabertooth, 6900K, 32Gb 3000 DDR4, 2x GTX 1080 FTW, and a WiFi/BT PCIe Card (legit Apple). The only memmap efi patch that would ever work for me with this board was h4x's (the -2000 one). Oh, and I was using FakeCPUID 0x0306E2. As I start and restart over the next few days (I don't have much time for testing currently), I'll let you know if I have any failures. Meanwhile, keep me posted on what you find out. I'll message Brumbaer tomorrow.
  10. how do I apply the following patches via Clover? Can someone give me an example? Again, sorry I'm a bit out of touch. xcpm_bootstrap 10.11.6 Broadwell-E © Pike R. Alpha find 83C3BB83FB09 replace 83C3B383FB09 _cpuid_set_info 10.11.6 © Pike R. Alpha find 5D7F288D48BB83F902 replace 5D7F288D48B383F902 reebot fix 10.11.6 © Pike R. Alpha (it´s the same patch for each CPU, just test your motherboard, some boards need this) find 554889E5415741564155415453504189D64189F74889FB4585FF0F84 replace C34889E5415741564155415453504189D64189F74889FB4585FF0F84
  11. So some of this stuff is way over my head and I apologize if I come off completely ignorant, but can the above method be applied to the Broadwell-E 6900K? I just swapped out my 5960X because my MicroCenter "warranty" was about to expire (it's basically a trade-in plan for the newest upgrade for $100). What would I need to change within the above 3 patches? What Frequency Vectors would I want to choose? Thanks in advance!
  12. I couldn't get it to do a straight install to the NVMe when I did it. I had to install to an SSD first then clone it to the NVMe disk. Just a bit of advice... That was a couple versions back though and right after the 950 Pro was released.
  13. Yeah I use the 950 for Win 10 (where I do all my 3D modeling/rendering and of course, gaming - gotta have those maps load FAST) although I did try OS X on it first just to see if I could do it (it works duh). But yeah, Clover is installed on an reg SSD on like Sata port 3 or 4 under the first Intel Sata Controller. I don't have any disks on the second sata controller at all.
  14. Mine is under advanced mode>advanced>onboard devices configuration >serial port configuration- switch from on to off. Maybe your board doesn't have one?
  15. I have never had a problem with h4x's method after like 20 boot-ups or so using it. Strange. I'm sure it comes down to BIOS, manufacturer and how many/what PCIe devices are installed or how resource tables are built etc etc etc. YES! Disable Serial Port! It's always given me issues. Just for the record I have a bunch of PCIe stuff going on... Slot 1 - 980 Ti Slot 2 (x4) -Wifi/BT Apple card (PCIe adapter) Slot 3 - 980 Ti Slot 4 (x2) - Blank Slot 5 - Blank Board M.2 Slot - Samsung 950 Pro NVMe You are using the NVMe kext (NVMeGeneric.kext) from MacVideoCards right? If so (in my experience) it cannot be in S/L/E but in Clovers injected kexts folder under 10.11 (I also put it in "other" for safe measure)... After you inject via Clover you shouldn't have a problem getting access via OS X. My drive isn't "recognized" in BIOS either under the "NVMe Drives" tab or whatever it's called but can easily be used as a boot disk for either OS. I'm on an Asus Sabertooth X99 TUF and Asrock is an Asus subsidiary correct? Might be similar BIOS functionality. Also, make sure you install Samsung's driver in Windows from their support site - it's imperative to extend the life of the drive. Keep us posted.