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  1. Can you explain how to do that? I have copied that kext to the correct(?) place on the hdd and it doesnt change when booting with -f... There are the steps to move them to the hdd: Thanks
  2. Agh same thing with me- 100% packet loss $ traceroute insanelymac.com traceroute to insanelymac.com (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets 1 ( 1.122 ms 0.837 ms 0.876 ms 2 207-179-195-1.mtco.com ( 35.420 ms 35.304 ms 35.231 ms 3 marsbb1-eth-1-17.mtco.com ( 36.070 ms 36.903 ms 36.198 ms 4 chibb1-ve-207.mtco.com ( 42.700 ms 37.832 ms 37.559 ms 5 ( 36.818 ms 37.134 ms 37.453 ms 6 xe-5-1-0.er2.ord2.us.above.net ( 39.944 ms 36.827 ms 39.827 ms 7 ae15.cr2.ord2.us.above.net ( 37.193 ms 41.517 ms 37.629 ms 8 ae6.cr2.lga5.us.above.net ( 57.374 ms 82.299 ms 54.249 ms 9 ae1.cr1.lga5.us.above.net ( 54.964 ms 57.332 ms 54.447 ms 10 ae3.mpr3.lhr3.uk.above.net ( 127.100 ms 125.120 ms 126.680 ms 11 ae7.mpr1.lhr8.uk.above.net ( 131.000 ms 128.385 ms 125.876 ms 12 ( 125.759 ms 125.135 ms 124.347 ms 13 igp1.cer2.wok.fubra.net ( 125.484 ms 123.963 ms 125.962 ms 14 thnwok100m.telstra.cer2.thn.fubra.net ( 126.623 ms 130.671 ms 124.360 ms 15 igp1.cer1.thn.fubra.net ( 123.519 ms 127.713 ms 123.198 ms 16 thnmch1g.virgin.cer1.mch.fubra.net ( 128.591 ms 127.027 ms 125.252 ms 17 * * * 18 * * * 19 * * * 20 *
  3. Ok, I started over and tried it with clover and it seemed to be abit harder to use/not as well documented as the other method...
  4. Ok, So I have a different problem now that I have totally started over with my 10.9.4 Install. I have followed THIS guide and have successfully completed the steps to patch the fakesmc and nullcpupowermanagement kexts and attempt to boot into the os from the Usb bootloader. If I boot without -x and -v I get this kernel panic. Then I boot with those 2 flags and I get this... Im not sure what to do now, I cant get into the actual OS... Thanks bsancken
  5. So are you saying to skip Mavericks? or is that just because you made a guide for Yosemite? lol EDIT- Im just going to to a total re install with the above mentioned guide and post a new thread..
  6. Ok so here is the results... For now the 2 cards in my Sig are out of the system as per the guide... There is no dual boot, I will be installing on a WD Velociraptor 1TB..
  7. Ok, so I have been following THIS guide on here on how to install 10.9.4 and I get to Part 3 - #3 (and this showed up before I went into Disk Util too but,) There is a popup that says "There was a problem installing "Mac OS X" Try reinstalling. " With an Ok button. I have tried rebooting but there is no effect. I have to boot with the flag "-x" otherwise I get a kernal panic that looks like the Included file.. Thanks! bsancken (Sorry If this is the wrong spot, and yes I did a search...)
  8. Alright I booted with flags -f and -v (with only the nvidia card in) and it still sits at the white screen for about 30 seconds then shows the text then boots to login.. Is there any reason for it to take so long or is that normal? Also where do I start for troubleshooting the amd card? Thanks! EDIT I meant to say -f and -v sorry!
  9. Ok I patched the AICPM kept and now when I boot it sits at a whit screen and then goes here and waits..
  10. Thanks! I have flashed updates several times from Asus so they may have gotten sloppy with their control..
  11. Thanks but Where would I get a patched BIOS or the kext?
  12. This is what I get when I try your extra folder... Forgotten o mention it sits there after a key is pressed for several seconds then it reboots..
  13. Asus Sabertooth Z77.. I can try in the morning! thanks!
  14. I have one monitor connected to the nvidia in slot 1 and one connected to the and in slot 2. The boot screen and everything shows up on the screen thats connected to the nvidia(since its in slot one)
  15. Alright I did -f -x GraphicsEnabler=no SkipNvidiaGfx=y and it will sit at a blank white screen for about 15 seconds and then just reboot.. Also is this the right spot to disable igpu?/did I disable it? Thanks!!