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  1. Modded ALC662 & Sigmatel 9223 with codec verbs

    I am using azalia kext and I still get no sound out
  2. anyone have a working txt file for the patcher? I tried using several her and the 2.5 patch pack but none works... this is wrong... Node 0x26 [Vendor Defined Widget] wcaps 0xf00000: Mono
  3. Modded ALC662 & Sigmatel 9223 with codec verbs

    This doesnt work for the intel atom 330 D945GLC2 anyone have a working txt for the patcher?
  4. Modded ALC662 & Sigmatel 9223 with codec verbs

    I am like the other guy trying to find info if this works for the D945GCLF2... I keep posting in threads cuz nobody responds and the search function on the forums seems to be just like my sound in osx...not working.
  5. Sound with Intel Atom D945GCLF2 ALC662

    I have yet to get a reply on this forum but in the effort to keep trying... here is a screenshot. I would really like to get the sound working. I have no some info in system profiler...but not correct. The sound control panel appears to be working as well as the volume control on the bar...but there is no sound output. Any help would be amazing
  6. Sound with Intel Atom D945GCLF2 ALC662

    bump...me too
  7. Dell GX270

    I am trying to use boot132 but when I choose boot device 82 I get ebios read error 0xbb I have ide hd and ide cdrom
  8. What options do you set in iatkos because sound doesnt work
  9. I have been trying to get a D945GCLF2 working but the sound will never work... and it always has issues with shutting down and is slow
  10. Intel ATOM330 D945GCLF2

    I tried iatkos 10.5.6 and still no audio
  11. I have absolutely no luck getting sound working... I am using xxx 10.5.6 which has an alc662.pkg but it doesnt work. So I installed the hda and azalia pkgs and tried putting in the 662.txt which says its for an asus board...still no work. I don't know how to do the EFI stuff yet. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. EFI questions

    I am trying to figure out this EFI stuff... I hear all this talk about making a 200meg EFI partition..but cant find a img to dd to my efi part.... I can see the server 2008 dvd has a efi directory, I have read a bunch of posts about osx and boot132 ..I have read a few posts about debian supporting EFI config. Is the EFI partition the same way some of the vista cracks are being done with a boot loader and putting in a oem key on the partition? I am thinking I want to use elilo but not sure if I should use grub or what Ultimately my goal is to learn more about this and its not to bypass any legal issues but just to learn more about it. I work in IT and have access to every license under the sun. So if anyone could post some links to SIMPLE easy to read step by step instructructions and info on EFI and the way it works with the OS that would be great. This is what I am trying to do: 1 drive (I guess has to be GPT) part 1 - 200mb EFI - EFI part 2 - 30gig FAT32- Drive for booting live cd images from grub part 3 - 30gig HFS+ - OSX part 4 - 24gig Extended ext part 6 - 2 gig swap ext part 5 - 22gig EXT3 - Linux ext part 7 - 30gig NTFS - Win2k8 I have read and tried using the boot132 cd and it didnt seem to make a difference or make an EFI partition...I have tried every flavor of 10.5 and still don't see this 200meg EFI partition with gparted...I have installed chameleon and efi studio and efi v9 and everything else and it doesnt seem to do anything...the onlything that seems to work is installing different versions of the kernel I found this post helpful but with all the people here mucking around with the EFI in OSX I would like some help getting my machine working with a vanilla kernel... http://homepages.tesco.net/J.deBoynePollar...ot-process.html
  13. Dell GX270

    * Reviving thread because I want to get in touch with other gx270 owners. * I installed iAtkos 5i 10.5.5 fine once, and had everything working AFAICT, then I went to do the 10.5.6 update and got caught in a continuous reboot, now I am looking for some help. I am not sure of exactly what options I choose the first time, but I reinstalled and still got the continous reboot. Heres what I do: Boot iAtkos 5i normal (no -v -x) Erase entire drive and make 1 partition Select drive Customize install to what I thought should be right.... PC EVI V9 AppleDecrypt SMBIOS-EFI Graphics Update GMA950 b EFI string for Intel Intel SATA INTEL AHCI SATA Speedstep b ext2fs NTFS-3G Intel Pro/100 VE Computer just reboots... So start over and try some other options.... Customize install PC EVI V9 AppleDecrypt SMBIOS-EFI AppleSMBIOS-28 9.5.0 Kernal voodoo x86 ACPI Disabler.ktext Graphics Update GMA950 b EFI string for Intel Intel SATA INTEL AHCI SATA Speedstep b ext2fs NTFS-3G Intel Pro/100 VE nope no luck... cant figure out what options I choose the first time to get it to work....