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  1. New MacBook Pros Soon?

    @Kiko: I highly doubt they'd remove the optical drive for the Macbook Pro like the Air. Obviously it's a fake picture. What is wrong with Quad Core?
  2. New MacBook Pros Soon?

    Why wouldn't you want something that beautiful? Can we get details on this "event" Apple is having this month? You have me intrigued.
  3. New Build of OS X Leopard

    That's true, but filling it in with repetetive news, I think, is worse. It sort of ruins InsanelyMac's News credibility. What I like about the RSS feed here is that the news feeds isn't numerous. That way, the few ones there are the important ones and really pack a punch, unlike other sites who just barrage us with [mostly] useless updates.
  4. After installing 10.5 with the ToH RC2 DVD, I am having the same common About This Mac problem as in 10.4.10. When I open it, screen goes blue and the computer "re-logins." I tried using the Colonel patch, but that only led to kernel panic at startup. Also, Verify and Repair Disk Permissions does not work in Disk Utility. When I try either, it says it's Verifying or Repairing the partition, but the progress bar isn't the usual one (it's the one that doesn't really progess, but just shows the diagonal lines moving across) for a long time until it says it's finished, without reporting any permission changes or details in the history. Is anyone else having these problems?
  5. ToH RC2 DVD wont boot?!?

    Ok. I gave it another fresh install, started the installer from the DVD, it restarted and booted from it, gave me the prompt to hit a key, I did. Started loading its kexts and everything, and got to the same error just as I thought it would.
  6. ToH RC2 DVD wont boot?!?

    Yeah. I turn off the Network Interface Controller, but it can still read my MAC Address, and I think that is what causes the problem. What is a Vanilla install of 10.4.8? I think my DVD is good. I checked with someone else with the size, and they're exactly the same and it boots and everything. I'm thinking it's my computer. I didn't hit F8 at the prompt—I was just describing the prompt that came up. I hit a key and the screen starts listing all the kexts being loaded from the DVD and eventually gets to the error. I am pretty sure my computer is SSE3. I haven't checked in a long time though, since I don't have Windows to check with CPU-Z. Is there any way checking from a Mac? I suppose the problem might be that I am not doing it from a fresh install, but I don't think that it would make much of a difference because after starting the installer from OS X, it just restarts and boots from the DVD normally seemingly without difference. It just boots to the DVD and will probably get the same error, as it always does. I don't see what starting it from OS X would make a difference, since you told me to set the BIOS to boot from the DVD first. I'm probably being redundant, but that makes it just boot from the DVD as if I didn't start it from OS X, right? Thanks for all the help, by the way. I really appreciate it.
  7. ToH RC2 DVD wont boot?!?

    maniac20 suggested that, and I tried it, but to no avail. I am not sure if I am turning the right thing off though, in the BIOS (I turned off Network Interface Controller). Here's an image showing the options. I have a Dell Dimension 4600 if anyone knows more about disabling the ethernet on it.
  8. ToH RC2 DVD wont boot?!?

    I switched the boot sequence from the CD/DVD drive first and followed your steps (without reinstalling a clean 10.4.8, though, but rather straight from 10.4.10). It reseted and went to the DVD, giving me the "Hit a key or hit F8" Darwin prompt, but nothing was different from when I tried simply booting from the DVD before. It started booting, loading all the kexts and everything, but encountered the same error as I described before (see the two attached screenshots above to see the error and where my computer hangs). Are you sure your method is a work-around for my error? I don't think a clean installation of 10.4.8 would make much a difference either, since it boots up to the DVD all the same and probably getting the same error, but I don't know.
  9. ToH RC2 DVD wont boot?!?

    I didn't get any prompt to install leopard. It just went straight into loading Darwin and through that, Tiger as normal. The Leopard DVD should work since I can boot from it, but I get an error that way as described before... What is the optical drive? The CD/DVD Drive? If that was first, wouldn't it just boot to the DVD and start trying to install it and lead to the error I'd get before? Well, I already restored by computer back to how it was before. Would it work if I tried it from this 10.4.10 install (upgraded from 10.4.8 JaS) without having to wipe it out with a clean install again?
  10. ToH RC2 DVD wont boot?!?

    I followed your method, but after putting in the ToH DVD and starting up the Installer, when it restarts, it just restarts back into Tiger instead of going to the installer.
  11. ToH RC2 DVD wont boot?!?

    It's booting from the DVD that's the problem, though. How would reformatting the hard drive help? The DVD doesn't even reach the hard drives before getting its error.
  12. ToH RC2 DVD wont boot?!?

    Here are images of the error I receive.
  13. ToH RC2 DVD wont boot?!?

    How did you get past that part? Just wait it out? I am afraid to try again. It messed up my Tiger partition some how, even though it didn't even successfully boot into the Leopard DVD. Very confusing how it could have affected the Tiger partition, but Tiger would freeze at the Mac OS X Starting Up window (blue bar would progress about 1/4 way and freeze).
  14. ToH RC2 DVD wont boot?!?

    I have the same problem. While it was booting, it got an error saying something like: Error Counting Item in /System/StartupItems: No Such Directory. That was with ISO downloaded from Pirates and burned with Nero. I tried again by burning the ISO using Disk Utility, but it doesn't boot at all with that. Need help!
  15. Can't Install Photoshop CS3

    Can anyone help me getting this patch for Adobe CS3? I want to use CS3 (which crashes when I try to run it), but I don't have a Demonoid account to get that torrent.