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  1. Thanks a lot MSoK. My media should arrive in a few days - hopefully by the weekend, so I'll give it a try and report how I get on. Since my CPU is pretty old, I suspect the CPUID won't be an issue for me. That would probably be a nice problem to have...
  2. Hi, Thank you to MSoK and other contributors to this and related posts - I've learnt a lot in a short period of time, I think. I was hoping someone could give me a sanity check before I spend lots of time and a little money going down a dead end? I'm an almost total newbie to Apple and Mac. Since I don't have a mac, a quick summary of my understanding of the process is: Buy OS 10.6 from the Apple Store (they seem to sell 10.7 and 10.8 as well, but I think they require 10.6 first); Install it on a VM (Player 6.01 in my case) - recognising that this isn't trivial in itself, but there are instuctions here-abouts; Use it to download 10.9.1 from the itunes app store; Following the instructions in this post, install it in a new VM (rather than on top of the 10.6). ETA: actually, the second post suggests over the top is the way to go. Is that about right? I'd like to play with the iOS sdk / simulator and Appcelerator Titanium / Platino. I get the impression few people here have done this, but are there any obvious show-stoppers I should be aware off. Perhaps graphics limitations? Titanium claims to require OS 10.8, so 10.6 alone probably won't work. My hardware is pretty old: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 (VT-enabled, I believe) with 4GB ram and Nvidia GForce GTS 250. I'm not expecting stella preformance, but it's it likely to be so slow as to be complete unusable? I've got about 100Gb free at the moment - am I going to need more? ETA: I found the hardware list in the wiki - I think I'm OK. Not sure about the disk space yet. If that sounds right and no-one knows it's unviable, I'll spend my £14 on OSX and give it a try. Thanks a lot, Paul