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  1. hey, need a little help getting back the black spotlight icon, i had changed icons but for some reason it wont even show up after replacing it or maybe im using the wrong file. little help would be appreciated thanks
  2. ok so my HD crashed and since im on a long holiday i dont have my leopard disk, i downloaded a .dmg on windows xp(running windows on my mac ) i even burned it via transmac, trans mac gave me an error saying media full or something but it seemed to burn fine. question: will leopard boot if i have windows xp already installed? im thinking the windows bootloader could cause problems.. and any other tips for getting this to work.
  3. i have been having some problem wiht my wifi as a result i cant access intaller, so i was wonering if there was a way to put stuff from you mac to the iphone, an app or something like that? Thanks in advance
  4. iarora

    easiest way to skin the iphone?

    in what way is it reisky?
  5. im talking about changing homescreen icons etc
  6. iarora

    need dock

    i changed around a few images in my dock as a result the right click stopped working on my dock so i would like to request someone to upload the orignal dock for me not just the resourses the whole thing. Thanks in advance
  7. as funny as it sounds i cant find the download link to any of his work :\ some help?
  8. mind sharing the stack folder? also do you have the whole pack?
  9. iarora

    site for apps on a jailbroken iphone.

    im looking for a accelometer based fun photo editing app i saw on a friends phone, anyone know of any such app?
  10. are they any good sites to find apps for iphones? im looking for games and some fun apps
  11. iarora

    The NSPanel Thread

    im sure someone will find a way.
  12. iarora

    The NSPanel Thread

    can you do one for camino too? please
  13. iarora

    Messenger:Mac 7 Beta

    ant idea when it will release?