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    Snow Leopard To El Capitan

    I dont think thats the problem at all.On my computer the resolution is "locked" (the only option) to 1024x768, when the actual resolution is supposed to be 1280x800, in system profiler, every things wrong, the vram is supposed to be @144mb and it says no kext is loaded, here are some details (animations are choppy, etc) Keep in mind i'm on snow leopard, 10.6.8, and it worked perfectly fine before I installed the combo update (although I never messed around with 10.6.3, I just followed the guide, but everything looked "good" in 10.6.3,) and now it seems like 10.6.8 just kinda ruined my graphics drivers, and the crazy thing is, people have gotten the same graphics driver working on ML, there's just a patched kext. Heres what system profiler says: Display: Type: GPU Bus: Built-In VRAM (Total): 64 MB of Shared System Memory Vendor: Intel (0x8086) Device ID: 0x2a02 Revision ID: 0x000c Kernel Extension Info: No Kext Loaded Displays: Display: Resolution: 1024 x 768 Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888) Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Specs: Dell XPS m1330 Ram: 3GB Proccesor: intel core 2 duo 1.5ghz Graphics: Intel 965m, x3100 (@144mb, 1280x800)
  2. newcolorrs

    Snow Leopard To El Capitan

    It says it cant be installed on this computer, lion did as well. I know its compatiable many people with my laptop have (on other threads, theyve gotten on yosimte with the same comp) My computer is recognized as a macbook pro 5,1 Although in system profiler, there is no serial number, maybe thats the problem?
  3. newcolorrs

    Snow Leopard To El Capitan

    Iatkos for ML is too big for my CD, so I went with Niresh's, I got a kernel panic before I even got to the instal screen (I only found out because of verbose), without verbose mode it just hung at a the apple logo, with no spinning wheel. So my option he is.. should I try and find a mountain lion iso/dmg to put on a cd, and then put a boot loader onto a cd, and do the swap cd/dvd method (like the method i used to install SL). If that is a viable option what bootloader would be best to put on a CD? If this isnt a viable option i think im stuck w/ SL, or i'll try putting iatkos Lion (non mountain lion) on my machine, since that iso will actually fit on my dvd. please reply asap, I kinda want to hurry xD Thanks!
  4. newcolorrs

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    I would show mine, but it's nothing cool.. just the basic snow leopard BG how are you guys getting by just on tiger? I run that on my Imac G5, and lemme say, NOTHING supports tiger LMAO
  5. newcolorrs

    Snow Leopard To El Capitan

    I know for mountain lion support was "dropped".. but a hack was released that made it fully functional again, I was curious if the same was out for any of the versions of OSX, I released(: Video card is the problem really I think it is Lion or Mountain Lion where you are limited to using it. But at the same time, if I decided to upgrade to mountain lion (since a lot of software still supports it), is there a way I could do it with a DVD, and USB, keep in mind I have mountain lion bought, (I have 10.4-10.8 bought, since I have a Imac g5, and a macbook pro.. sorta.. its my sisters.. lol) I was thinking of using Iaktos (Would that still be considered pirating if I already have bought the software?), but if there is a better way let me know. Hardware at my disposal: 2GB Flashdrive 4.7 GB DVD- RW 800mb CD- RW -Thanks! Jared(:
  6. newcolorrs

    Would this Build be Hackintosh-able

    Id' say its hackintoshable, just not for sure on El Capitan
  7. Hey everyone, I was curious if it would be a possibilty to go from 10.6.8, to mavericks, yosimite, or even El Capitan? Specs: Gfx card: Intel GMA x3100 Ram: 3gb HDD Space: 500GB Processor: core 2 duo 1.5ghz (Dell XPS M1330 Laptop) I just hackintoshed onto Snow Leopard, I was wondering if its possible to upgrade to those systems, without "F'ing" everything up (Typed from my newly hackintoshed system) -Thanks! Jared Marshall
  8. Hey everyone! I want to hackintosh my Dell XPS m1330 I already know its compatible, (The only real downfall is a kernal panic on shutdown, or restart.. or so i've heard) the reason i come here is because this is all I have to hackintosh A USB Stick 2GB A 8GB SD Card A DVD W/ OSX Snow Leopard (Bought from Apple). How would i go about Hackintoshing this system? I have plenty of space on my HDD if I would need to create partitions I also currently have access to a Imac G4 (If that helps any.. XD) XPS M1330 Specs: CPU: Core 2 DUO (T5250 @1.5GHz) GPU: Intel 965m Chipset (358mb) HDD: 452 GB Current OS: Windows 8.1 (I'd like to duel boot if possible, but if not, i'm okay with that, i'll just upload all the files I need/want to mediafire, or drop box) Reason I want to hackinstosh: I'm a music producer in the genre of Hip-Hop, software (DAW) works great on Mac OSX. Please reply ASAP(: