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  1. Damian Ubk

    Random restart few minutes after start

    Anyone have some idea what can be reason? I install again fresh system but it still happend. Photos download but everytime i have reboot system. It's drive me crazy.
  2. Damian Ubk

    Random restart few minutes after start

    OK. What do i have to sent? My specifications: Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming K3 i7-9700K Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8GB Samsung Evo 960 512GB + Crosair 200GB (for windows) + Segate 2TB (for files) I attached files with information from Olarila using Runme.app + screenshot from console + config.plist When i remove Photos Library it's stop restart, but when i turn on it again, it's again restart every few minutes after start. Every time the same problem Send me iMac-Damian.fritz.box.zip config.plist
  3. Hello. I have a big problem. It's started today. When i turn on hackintosh after few minutes it's restart. I found in console this: cloudphotosd OSActivityID: 0x800000000000ad4d com.apple.message.domain: com.apple.cpl.error.sync com.apple.message.__source__: SPI com.apple.message.signature: cloudkit:1 com.apple.message.signature2: resources-download com.apple.message.summarize: YES SenderMachUUID: B37E96D6-B0AB-3E06-BC45-ECBDE68772E4 Anyone have idea what is wrong?
  4. Damian Ubk

    Z370 Gaming K3 + i7-9700K Clover install problem

    I found solution. It was beacuse of empty FakeID in Intel.
  5. Hello. Anyone know which fakeID and ig-platform-id i need to use for i7-9700K uhd 630 working integreted card properly. I tried using this options: Devices > FakeID > IntelGFX = 0x59128086Graphics > ig-platform-id = 0x59120000SMBIOS > Select iMac17,1 but it's flickering.
  6. Damian Ubk

    Z370 Gaming K3 + i7-9700K Clover install problem

    Unfortunately i cannot find information about my motherboard. Anyone have another idea how to start install?
  7. Damian Ubk

    Z370 Gaming K3 + i7-9700K Clover install problem

    I tried this method: https://hackintosher.com/guides/guide-to-fresh-installing-macos-mojave-on-a-hackintosh-10-14/ I' check your options but i think it's problem with config.plist If anyone have this motherboard it will be nice to recieve config.plist
  8. Hello. I have a problem when i try to install Clover from USB. I have Gigabyte Z370 Gaming K3 + i7-9700K. When i try install i have this error: IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0 Anyone can help? Maybe you have good config.plist for this motherboard and cpu. Thanks for advice. PS: I attached screenshot and config.plist. Here you can find my kexts screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ebme11ipw89vg0/Zrzut ekranu 2018-12-22 21.23.41.png?dl=0 config.plist
  9. Damian Ubk

    10.10 Yosemite + Asus Gryphon Z87 audio problem (ALC892)

    I did upgrade from 10.9 and i have Clover. Maybe one of this things is a problem.
  10. Hello. I have problem with audio after upgrade system to Yosemite. I installed AppleHDA.kext (for alc892 desktop) and HDAEnabler (7 and 9 but not the same time) from this site http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298663-applehda-for-yosemite-dps/ but still not working. After that removed from Clover config information about Inject in Audio key (i had 12 now i removed this tags) without success for audio. I dont have idea what to do next. If you have the same mainboard or you know what the problem is please tell me. Thank you for advice.
  11. Hi guys. 1. Sleep mode Today i update my os x to 10.9.2 and after that sleep is working on my HD7770. Apple starts helping hackintosh community
  12. Thank You for fast reply. I'll try everything at evening and i'll write that what work and what not.
  13. Hello. I have a few problems with my new Hackintosh. It will be nice if someone help me. Thanks a lot. Specifications: Asus Gryphon Z87 Asus Radeon HD7770 Intel i5-4670K Bootloader: UEFI Clover 2605 System: Mavericks 10.9.1 Bios setup: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BwkY-nbtXjaydzZLUDBndi1HaGM&usp=sharing Clover's config.plist: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12321605/config.plist 1. Sleep mode Everything seems to be ok on Intel graphic card HD4600. When set this card as main on Bios then: HD4600 via DVI-D - everything work perfectly. System going sleep fast and back fast too, everything working HD4600 via HDMI - system restart and i see Clover menu (i dont know why) (?) When i change main graphic card on Bios to HD7770 then: HD7770 via DVI-I - when i try to sleep, after back i see weird colors on my monitor, i see mouse cursor but nothing else. (?) HD7770 via HDMI - tv dont want turn on after back from sleep and dont know is it working or not HD7770 via DisplayPort - dont know beacuse i cant check this right now Anyone know what i need to do? I search everyday from last week and cannot find solution. I dont know why i don't have set of sleeping in System Preference: https://www.dropbox.com/s/im2e4i2h2iu4rzp/Zrzut%20ekranu%202014-02-20%2014.48.48.png 2. Audio 5.1 It seems to work perfectly but i dont know that is good solution https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1jeau1vwlbmk2v/Zrzut%20ekranu%202014-02-19%2020.02.32.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/lblp15y5a99pz8h/Zrzut%20ekranu%202014-02-19%2020.03.35.png When i use solution presented below i dont have 5.1 sound only 2.1 but i can change source https://www.dropbox.com/s/ouhfg5s1lsd3kp1/Zrzut%20ekranu%202014-02-19%2020.01.22.png 3. Volume control Is any way to change volume using my solution from 2 point? 4. HDMI Audio What need to do for HDMI Audio from my Radeon HD7770 or Intel HD4600? It will be nice if someone help me. Thanks a lot. Sry for ma bad english.