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  1. What is your job?

    Well, in a few days, I shall be the Guest Services Manager at a hotel.
  2. What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW ?

    I am listening to Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz by the fan behind me.
  3. Do you believe in demonic possession?

    I used to believe in it. But then I found out that the girl was just menstrating.
  4. Login prompt in Wiki?

    I have had that, too. It looks like it's for an advertiser.
  5. Here are some of my former layouts.

    I keep checking CSS Zen Garden for inspiration, but alas...
  6. how can I create a social network?

    Oh. Right. It hit on all those senior girls.
  7. Just me, or is the Forum Really busy?

    You're welcome. I take full credit, minus the noobish posts.
  8. How to "Reipair" Vista 64-bit?

    I can't tell you how to fix the error until I know what the error is.
  9. Now the PC Won't Boot!

    What about the voltage switch in the back of the PSU?
  10. ati radeon x1600 enabler

    What exactly is the problem? The more details the better.
  11. Here are some of my former layouts.

    Yeah. I wanted to use lines instead of the gray, but it wasn't working, so I gave up. I might fix the paragraph sections. I'm not sure.
  12. how can I create a social network?

    Can't you just use MySpace like everyone else?
  13. what made you switch to mac?

    Blah. I'm a "computer" user.
  14. A little help please...

    Post in the correct section, for one. Use the search function secondly.
  15. Vista Boot times

    Also, type in "msconfig" in the search section. One tab is "Startup". It could be that you have too many programs starting up with Windows.