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  1. Finallyyyyy i got it work i don't know what happened but i used the fakesmc from link #93 and DSDT in #24 with the installation of 10.9 thank you very much Xangel9626 and all other members who helped us can i update mavericks to 10.9.2 ? or i will get stuck ?
  2. i tried 10.9 but it is the same problem i think there is no solution for it right ??
  3. I will try the 10.9 version and will see. I have a wifi usb tp-link i tried it but didn't work i dont have kext for it
  4. You mean installing 10.9 from the app store should get everything work right not 10.9.1 from app store u'm downloading now the 13a603 version
  5. I will try it right now ... Yes i have installed 10.9.1 directly is this the problem ? there are two mavericks versions : (13A603) (13A598) which onw i should download ?
  6. Yes this is what i did and also tried the cable on another pc and worked
  7. I have already tried Ethernet built in and removed Ethernet and added it back but still self assigned ip and reinstalled mavericks but nothing changed I'm sorry man for annoying u with my problem
  8. I tried all steps on page 5 but still the same issue tried ip manually but the same .... Should i use Ethernet built-in on chameleon.boot ??
  9. Yeah you are right I'm using your smbios and dsdt cuz i dont have mine is there any problem ? Thanks xangel9626 I will give it a try and tell you
  10. Yes it contains : max_valid_dma_addr=1024 drakewake=0 Should i remove drakewake=0? And yes i followed the post steps on page one, am i wrong??
  11. @xangel9626 thank you for ur reply and ur support I tried to enter ip manually but didn't work too Is there any solution?
  12. I have installed mavericks 10.9.1 on my Dell inspiron 1720 T7500 2.2 Ghz 4 gb ram all works perfect but Ethernet broadcom 440x shows always self-assigned ip and not connecting to the internet it shows 169.254.xx.xx ip with dhcp server. tried to use manually ip address but no luck... so how i can fix this problem and is there any solution to make my intel pro 3945 wireless working with mavericks ?? Thanks
  13. Thanks it worked for me but i have a problem on my dell Inspiron 1720 broadcome 440x ethernet it always show self assigned ip i thought the problem in my router but the cable works fine in another mac and another pc so how can i fix this issue ? and is there any solution to enable intel 3945 wireless in mavericks ? Thanks again