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  1. My UUID is completely unique (ran the uuidgen tool 5 times in a row). Is it safe to just change the MLB and ROM on the fly? EDIT: I fixed the problem. The solution is to go into your contacts app and go to your own name. Then open and fill in your local and icloud card with your details. Why couldn't apple just notify me that my card is empty....
  2. Hi guys, Today I freshly installed 10.10 with clover and tried to get iMessage working. First of all my Sid was <fffffffffffffffff> so I changed that to a real UUID. This resulted in getting the " contact apple with this code" error, so I called. The guy fixed it for me and I was able to log in. However now I can't send messages to anyone. For every single contact that I know about it says "Contact not registered with iMessage". However when I try to facetime them with the same credentials it works flawlessly. How can this be fixed? Thanks in advance!
  3. Yosemite Upgrade problem

    Hi guys, today I tried to upgrade my Hackintosh via the app store. I'm running Clover bootloader and booted the "Install OS X" which was created by the Installer. However then I hang at this screen forever (including a spinning beach ball of death): (note that this is just the "ios style" boot screen of the installer but then distorted due to some weird bug which also occurs on mavericks install.) Verbose or booting without injected caches and kexts doesn't work. When I boot back into mavericks everything works fine. What did I do wrong?
  4. Nevermind, found out that letting the PC go to sleep while at the setup screen and waking it again solves the issue.
  5. Distorted screen on setup

    Nevermind, found out that letting the pc go to sleep while at the setup screen and waking it again solves the issue.
  6. Distorted screen on setup

    Hi guys, I'm trying to reinstall my machine using clover from the start. The USB works (I used this guide: http://www.skylineosx.com/installation/create-your-installer/ ) and when I want to boot into the installer, I get this: Booting without caches/kexts results in the same, so does safe mode. I can move the mouse around and click on things, however the screen stays like this. How can I fix this? My screen is a 1080p screen connected via DisplayPort. Specs: Gigabyte H81M-HD3 8GB RAM i5-4440 Integrated GPU Thanks in advance!
  7. Recovery Partition

    When I change it to a MacPro (it was set on iMac) I get this:
  8. Recovery Partition

    To what system should I change it?
  9. Recovery Partition

    Doesn't work either, same result as verbose.
  10. Recovery Partition

    I tried the second link and it worked to enable find my mac, however when I want to boot to it from clover (which recognizes it as a recovery drive) I get this in verbose boot (normal boot also doesn't work). After a few seconds the system shuts down. How can I fix this? Or is the recovery meant to not work and only enable features?
  11. Recovery Partition

    Hi guys, I installed my mac at first using TMX tools and then switched to clover (somehow this was easier for me). I would like to add a recovery partition to my system now to use Find my Mac etc. However I find different stories on the internet, some say it is possible (but they don't say how) and others say it is impossible. So: Is this possible? If so, how? Thanks in advance! Specs: Gigabyte H81M-HD3 i5 4440 8GB Ram 120GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD
  12. Hi guys, I'm trying to get 10.10 working on my hackintosh system. Currently there is some garbage 10.9 system on my hard drive which was the result of my failed clover experiment. I followed the easy install guide and created the usb with the help of a real mac. My clover has been set up with the UEFI settings, kext-dev-mode and the HFS+ driver as well as FakeSMC and Network kexts. When I boot to the USB and then select to verbose boot the installer, I get a long verbose log which after a minute or so abruptly ends with a distorted screen (black and white). After this, the half working clover bootloader of my hard drive pops up, which obviously doesn't work. It lists the same options as the USB clover (Installer, Mavericks, recovery). Now comes the funny part: On the first try clover did nothing and i realised i forgot the HFS+ driver. So I booted up my ubuntu machine, mounted the EFI partition and put the file in there. No problems and clover booted verbose (with problem described above). However now I also wanted to add NullCPUpowermanagement to my kexts to see if that helps, and I can't access my EFI partition anymore. Ubuntu says there is some I/O error (mounting goes fine, accessing it is not possible). Tried reboots, other ports, unmount/mount but to no avail. What am I doing wrong? My first OSX install on this machine worked fine (it was done using TMX tools) so the hardware should be OK. Specs: Gigabyte H81M-HD3 Intel i5-4440 8GB Ram Integrated graphics Thanks in advance!
  13. Logitech C310 webcam locks up mac

    Well just now it let my whole mac freeze. Had to pull the plug in the end as a normal reset did not activate my bluetooth usb card.... What could be causing this?
  14. Hi guys, I got myself a logitech c310 webcam to use with facetime etc. However what I noticed is that sometimes when the webcam is in actual use the image freezes and it locks up my whole mac. It lets apps freeze and my whole mac just behaves weirdly and non-responsive. Even after closing down facetime (or other webcam app) the mac behaves strangely and apps don't start or close. Only solution is power-down and power-up. What could be the cause of this? Maybe I need some drivers? What do I do? Thanks in advance!