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  1. How would i install with usb?

    Ahh good thankyou for that, and no worries:) Just wondering, once i have installed Mountain Lion am i going to need to install some kexts?
  2. Could this laptop run Mac osx?

    Thanks, i may just try Lion and see how everything goes
  3. How would i install with usb?

    Thanks for that, i know a bit about it as i made a 10.8.5 usb installer, but apparently my laptop can only support going up to os 10.6.8 i am not too sure if this is true but anyway when it came to make a usb installer for snow leopard i just havent been able to find anything
  4. I Have a Samsung r519, is it possible to install snow leopard with usb? sorry for this ridiculously stupid question i just haven't been able to find any tutorials
  5. Could this laptop run Mac osx?

    Thanks, What would happen if i went to a new version?
  6. It is a Samsung R519 The specs are Dual Core T3100 1.9Ghz 6gb Ram Mobile intel 45 express chipset family Quite an old laptop just wondering if it could run any versions of mac
  7. Hey im wondering if anyone could help me out i installed Niresh 10.8.5 onto an old laptop most things are working fine apart from the odd drivers that need installing but i am having a major problem with the screen display the laptop i installed this on has a broken screen so i pluggged it into a monitor and its picked up as the main display but for some reason its like the display has been cropped i can not see the top bar or some of the left side of my screen its just like it has zoomed in, im wondering if this has anything to do with my graphics card, It is on onboard 965gm, the laptop is an old toshiba tecra a9 pts52e-00n00yen please help me thankyou!