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  1. Brightness DSDT Patching

    You are truly a Hackintosh legend! My brightness is finally working! I really appreciate all the help you gave to me. Although it is a long process, but I really learned a lot knowledge related to the Hackintosh. Thank you again!
  2. Brightness DSDT Patching

    Hi, I tried to patch my SSDT with your GFX to IGPU patch and Brightness Haswell patch along with your ACPIbacklight.kext. I have the keyboard hotkey working. I can see the small sun, but adjusting the brightness will not have any effect on the backlight of laptop. I look at the AppleBacklighDisplay string my IOreg file, I can see that my currentpowerstate and max powerstate are both at 0x30. Do you know what could went wrong? I attached my IOReg file. cj’s MacBook Air 1.ioreg.zip
  3. Brightness DSDT Patching

    OK. I will try that and report back tomorrow. Thanks again.
  4. Brightness DSDT Patching

    The reason I was combining the SSDTs is because if I just use one SSDTs to complie from .dsl to .aml, i will get 4 errors, Combine the SSDTs somehow fixed those errors and allow me to save SSDT to .aml format. It is very strange.
  5. Brightness DSDT Patching

    I just remembered that I may not modified the SSDT, the custom SSDT I am using right now is the original combination of 4 SSDTs that I extracted using Aida. So if that is the case, how do I change the 0x01660003 to a suitable value? and what suitable value would that be?
  6. Brightness DSDT Patching

    You are right ! it is caused by SSDT. I finally got the acceleration after I removed the SSDT.aml. Thank you so much! So if I want to keep the custom SSDT.aml, which value do you recommend to put instead of 0x01660003?
  7. Brightness DSDT Patching

    I cannot boot with -f flag (have missing controller transport error), so I boot with only IntelAzulFB=12 GraphicsEnabler=Y dart=0 -v . and attached the ioreg file. cj’s MacBook Air.zip
  8. Brightness DSDT Patching

    After that, I can get to the login screen, he HD4600 is recognized, but only with 64mb of vram. So do you suggest I try the EDID method? Also, I was looking at your EDID patch, it states that I need "AAPL,snb-platform-id", "AAPL,ig-platform-id", and "128 bytes of EDID data". Do you know where I can find these IDs and in which part of the patch should I put the IDs? Thanks
  9. Brightness DSDT Patching

    I booted with the flags provided. Here are the photos.
  10. Brightness DSDT Patching

    OK, thanks again for the information. I am really out of option now. I think I tried all value of IntelAzulFB with GraphicEnabler=Yes. So, is this the only way to make the HD 4600 works?
  11. Brightness DSDT Patching

    This is actually post install, I can boot into OS. It is just that the graphic card does not have acceleration. I will try to removed all nvidia related kext and all intel HD2000, 3000 and 4000 kext, I kept intel HD 5000 kext, and see if that works.
  12. Brightness DSDT Patching

    Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, all the value of IntelAzulFB (1-15) along with GraphicsEnabler=Yes did not work. I don't know the basis for BIOS. Is it possible that Lenovo locked that function?
  13. Brightness DSDT Patching

    Sorry. I wasn't clear. What I meant was which DSDT patch would you recommend trying?
  14. Brightness DSDT Patching

    I will try with different IntelZuIFB value from 1 to 15 with GraphicsEnabler=Yes and which DSDT would you suggest me to try?
  15. Brightness DSDT Patching

    I don't know what do say. the laptop is booting without using any flag and I had not changed anything. But unfortunately, I am still in 1024x768 resolution and only 64 mb of vram even though the HD 4600 is being recognized (The kernel extension info still stating no kext loaded and I had put my old DDST and SSDT in the Extra folder).