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  1. Hardware question

    Anyone?? I know there are great guides out there ob doing this but with the xeons and ecc ram i am not sure.
  2. Hardware question

    I have a duel Xeon system lying around that I would like to install one of the Mac OS's on. Its a Fujitsu Siemens CELSIUS R630. It is a 64bit system (I don't know if that matters) I would like to know if is possible and if so what OS should I use and how should I go about it and how well will it run? I use to love mac OS back when I worked in television but I just cant afford them anymore. I have a bunch of mac software that I would like to use again. I would like it to be as much "MAC" as possible. Here are the system specs. 2 Intel Xeon processors, 3.60 GHz, with Extended Memory 64 Technology and Hyper-Threading technology Front Side Bus 800 Second-level cache 1 MB Memory 16 GB, DDR2 SDRAM, ECC, DDR2 400, dual-channel DIMM slots 8 Chipset Intel E7525. It as a Nvidia gt430 video card in it. Spec sheet is attached as a PDF also. ds_celsius_r630.pdf