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  1. I've had another go, followed the instructions to the letter for my Surface Pro 2 (added to sig below), only using the V3 files (not copying across the extra ssdt-2, 3, 4 etc that were also in the folder) and still get exactly the same errors: "Unable to open /var/db/BootCache.playlist: 2 No such file or directory" Followed by "NTSF-fs error (device /dev/disk0s4. pid 220): ntfs_restart_page_border_is_valid(): $LogFile version 2.0 is not supported. (This driver supports version 1.1 only)" Plus a few others like that, then followed by a scrolling wall of errors (see previous pic posted) It'll then arrive at the white screen with the Apple logo and just keep the rainbow spinny thing going forever until I finally power it down
  2. So it was all going well until I missed the count down to stop the restart after installing OSX. I tried starting it in the same way as before but now all I get is this error, a white screen with the Apple logo and the spinning rainbow. So I reformatted the partition on Windows, redid all the instructions from the first step and this error and the white screen and logo is still all I can get any suggestions?? ADDED: I've just tried the first option in the menu rather than cache and kernels option and it seems to be working now...or at least..installing. ADDED A BIT LATER: Ok so it installed and got to the terminal and added the code. Went back booted from new install, no cache/with kernels and it gets to the ++++++ part and just stalls. EVEN LATERER: Tried the older clover version suggested above and still nothing. At this point it feels like a bit of a lost cause :-/ .... any theories??
  3. Thanks JahStories for the easiest to follow installation guide on the net! Working through it very smoothly. However, I've reached the boot from USB section to install from clover and I'm stuck, I can't do anything at the boot screen, do I need the Surface keyboard to continue from this point?