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  1. Mac OS X on ESXI Server

    Hey there wingshigh.g, I just went through your log file next to mine. There are a few differences. The big one I saw was on line 280 (your log): <2014-03-08T03:09:49.807Z| vmx| I120: DICT smc.present = TRUE> This is supposed to be set to FALSE. From google search on smc: smc - The System Management Controller (SMC) is an internal subsystem introduced by Apple Inc. with the introduction of their new Intel processor based machines in 2006. It takes over the functions of the SMU. Apple has released updates for this system in order to address power or sleep issues in several recent models. I don't know how I missed that on my directions posting. (must have been tired when I typed it out) Your log shows failure just after line 880. On my log this is line 890. My log; line 892: <2014-02-17T00:05:29.729Z| vcpu-0| W110: AppleSMC_SetCheckForServer(1) called without an SMC.> shows that the SMC is being ignored. Can you give this a try again but change that the "smc.present" to FALSE? I also assigned 4GB of ram for the install. Some post somewhere suggested that, but I really don't think that that could cause an issue. I just have lots of ram so I didn't care. I hope that this helps. Sorry for the mistake in my direction list. SUB To All, I edited my original instructions to fix the mistake of smc.present="TRUE" to smc.present="FALSE" Sorry for the typo. SUB OSX 10.6 Snow Installation Notes - Updated 08MAR14.txt
  2. Mac OS X on ESXI Server

    Hey there Donk, The vmware.log file is attached to this post as vmware.log.txt. I have also edited some of the IP and file paths, just for my own comfort sake. Should not impact what you are looking for though. I had some difficulty installing the vmware tools (which I believe explains all the excess stuff in last half of log) but later figured out how to do it with the darwin_snow.iso file. Hopefully wingshigh.g also posts his log file so that we can compare. I hope that it helps. Please post anything of note. SUB vmware.log.txt
  3. Mac OS X on ESXI Server

    Donk, I have been away from my computer. I will be home later tonight and will post the log file then. Sorry for the delay. This should work on any AMD system. It did not appear that anything was system specific. I had posted exactly what I did (documented as I did it) in order. SUB
  4. Mac OS X on ESXI Server

    Hey there Donk, Thank you for the quick reply. You pointed me in the right direction. This is a great forum... full of great info. I ended up finding a working solution the installation of OSX 10.6 on a bare-metal ESXi 5.5 AMD machine. This is what I did: (for those pulling their hair out too) For ESXi 5.5: Create ISO image of OSX 10.6 Installation Disk - use Linux (windows does not create full ISO image due to inability to read format) $ sudo dd if=/dev/cdrom of=cd.iso -- link for info In vSphere 5.5 Client create a new VM Do not start VM Then add VMware Unlocker for OS X 1.2.0 to datastore - from InsanelyMac... Link SSH into ESXi (with putty or similar) and go to /vmfs/... and find location of datastore where VMware Unlocker was saved. chmod +x all three files that came with VMware Unlocker download ./install.sh (to run unlocker script) Restart ESXi For ESXi 5.5 on AMD Processor From: http://zensonic.dk/?p=653 Click "Edit VM settings" and choose "Options" tab, then "General" and then "Configuration Parameters..." Insert the following "between quotes" on appropriate lines smc.present = "FALSE" ich7m.present = "TRUE" firmware = "efi" usb.present = "TRUE" hostCPUID.0 = "0000000668747541444d416369746e65" hostCPUID.1 = "00500f100002080000802209178bfbff" hostCPUID.80000001 = "00500f1000001242000035ff2fd3fbff" guestCPUID.0 = "00000006756e65476c65746e49656e69" guestCPUID.1 = "000006f10000080080802209078bfbff" guestCPUID.80000001 = "00500f1000001242000003e92bd3fbff" userCPUID.0 = "0000000668747541444d416369746e65" userCPUID.1 = "00500f100002080080802209078bfbff" userCPUID.80000001 = "00500f1000001242000003e92bd3fbff" Then in "CPUID Mask" add the following "between quotes" on appropriate lines to "AMD override" tab. Makes OSX thinks that it is installing on Intel Processor. cpuid.0.ebx="0111:0101:0110:1110:0110:0101:0100:0111" cpuid.0.edx="0100:1001:0110:0101:0110:1110:0110:1001" cpuid.0.ecx="0110:1100:0110:0101:0111:0100:0110:1110" cpuid.1.eax="0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0110:1111:0001" Now "Power on the VM" and install should work correctly. After installation completed, run updates a few times to get yourself completely up to date Enjoy your new OSX 10.6 operating system! This may work the same for newer OSX variations. Let me know Have a day, SUB
  5. Mac OS X on ESXI Server

    Hey MSoK, I have been pulling my hair out trying to install OSX 10.6 on an ESXi 5.5 machine. I first tested the installation process on my personal desktop with I7 processor using ESXi 5.5 installed in Workstation 10. I had no problems with this. Now I have been trying on a bare-metal ESXi 5.5 machine and I continue to get a boot loop. I noticed that you said in #4 "ESXi host it must have an Intel processor, and have VT-x enabled in BIOS" This machine I have been working on has a AMD 8 core processor. Could this be my issue? Thanks for any advice, SUB