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  1. So like the title says, I successfully installed OSX 10.8 mountain lion onto my Asus K55VD laptop through the procedure listed here , but after that I have encountered problems. 1. I am unable to boot the OSX partition without the "myhack installer" USB that I have created. To solve this , I must install a bootloader , which I tried using the chameleon one , but it doesn't work. 2. My windows 8.1 installation that was previously installed is unbootable now due to a boot/bcd error(0xc0000225). I'm thinking of re installing windows if nothing can solve this issue as I have a Surface Pro 2 which I'm using as my main device. I think I need a EFI bootloader for this, but I dont think chamelon will suffice. I think the proper one is Clover? but not sure. 3. There is a partcular issue with the wifi kext for the Asus K55VD that I have no idea how to edit so that it works. I've used the "kext installer" but the OS does not recognize it. I used this kext for it. Anyone particularly know what to do with #1? I can pretty much solve #2 if it does not work out , since its just an easy reinstall of windows....but I have no idea what to do for #1. I also attached the startup sequence logged by the chameleon wizard...I don't know if it helps. chamelon info.rtf