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  1. Hey, I've decided that I will use my ATI Radeon Sapphire X1950 GT as a primary (and only) Graphics Card.
  2. The ports I'm going to use are : DVI USB Ethernet thats all B.t.w : can you help me a little bit, do you have Skype?
  3. Installing on VMWare and as Main system is the same process? What I'm trying to ask is : if I will have for example error 98, I wont get a different error / or no errors when instaling it as main? Thx, Nadav.
  4. Cant I start by installing Lion as my main system? B.t.w I have to fix something in my power supply and that's why all I wrote is a basic knowledge about this machine..
  5. Hey, I have an old PC, that has a GA-965p-DS4 motherboard with 2GB of Ram and Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Will it work with OSX Lion - Using a USB stick will be much better if It will work with this machine B.t.w : Its going to be a machine for a little iWork, work and especially Internet work.. Thanks, Nadav.
  6. Hey, I'm new in this business and I've found an old PC that my brother was using about 3 years ago (maybe more) that owns the exactly same motherboard. I wanted to ask you how do I install SL with does kexts and etc... - that I need to make the Hackintosh work great with network and etc.. B.t.w : Will Hackintosh work without a Graphics Card Driver? Thanks, Nadav.