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  1. Dell Precision M4300

    Hmm, interesting... All I did was check cpuinfo from ubuntu, I guess I didn't look deep enough. Thanks for the info
  2. Dell Precision M4300

    I looked into this... But Mavericks requires SSE3 and this laptop only supports SSE2. Thanks for the quick reply though, I appreciate it
  3. Dell Precision M4300

    So, I've got a Dell Precision M4300, which is pretty much a Latitude D830 except for the top... Anyways, I have an interesting issue as far as installing iAtkos L2 goes. I get past formatting the drive, and customizing the install, but once I'm installing, unless I move the mouse constantly, it will freeze. I am new to the whole hackintosh thing, but I did manage to install iAtkos S3 v2 sucessfully, except for wireless, because my particular laptop has the Intel Wireless card. More info: I'm installing from a USB thumbdrive My laptop has the Quadro FX360M It uses the Intel T9300 My current boot options: -v -f -x32 GraphicsEnabler=No BootGraphics=Yes -x Am I going to have to sit through the whole install moving my mouse, or is there an easy fix?