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  1. Fujitsu Siemens P7120 99,5% Tiger

    Hello everyone, this is my installation OSx86 10.4.11 on my p7120 MacLifebook! I hope that it is helpful and thanks to all who have posted. --------- WORKING DVD, Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, VGA out, Sound (speakers), PCMCIA card slot, Port Replicator Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG wi-fi works with iwiDarwin, but not reliable. NOT WORKING Headphone/line-in jack & Microphone/line-out jack (but USB Audio works fine) Shared slot for Memory Stick, Secure Digital and xD memory cards NOT TESTED Embedded TPM and Fingerprint Sensor modem not detected S-Video out 4-pin IEEE 1394 --------- INSTALLATION Required: XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Intel.iso Used the BlackCH's installer DVD, choosing the only the following options: Apple Combo 10.4.11 Update MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.11Intel.pkg Kernel and Kexts no-EFI Kexts IOATAFamily.kext.Paulicat AppleACPIPlatform.kext AppleAPIC.kext AppleSMBIOS.kext.Netkas 8.9.1.Kernel Universal + patches 8.9.1.kernel.Universal.may02 8.9.1.System.kext 10.4.5.LoginWindow.app Recommended Patches ApplePS2Controller.kext DictionaryFix VerboseMode CPUPowerManagement.kext_Remover SystemProfiler.patch ATA_USB Controllers (NONE - did not install any) Graphic Drivers Intel.Integrated.Graphics IntelGMA900 IntelGMA900_fixer (DiaboliK.GMA900.Fixer.pkg) Audio Drivers Azalia_Audio Network Drivers PCGeneric.Realtek8139.Ethernet Miscellaneous PowerManagement.bundle CharacterPalette.component Quicktime.Codecs --------- Installation Notes: If the installer DVD halts at startup 'USB caused wake event (EHCI)', just retry until the installer executes. After installation, no partition would boot. Reboot from installation DVD and go to terminal: $ diskutil list (identify your startup partion: mine was disk0 slice 1) $ fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 > flag 1 (the slice number) > write answer 'yes' > quit $ reboot To boot 10.4.11 with the 8.9.1 SSE2 kernel on the p7120, remember to add the kernel flag: -legacy (either on boot or in the /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist) You may have to reinstall (upgrade) the 8.9.1 kernel Universal (8.9.1.kernel.Universal.may02) + patches (System.kext and LoginWindow.app) after the initial installation. --------- VIDEO RESOLUTION FIX to enable Core Image and Quartz Extreme Required: IntelGMA900_fixer (DiaboliK.GMA900.Fixer.pkg) Edit the Info.plist in the following (/System/Library/Extensions): AppleIntel915.kext IOPCIMatch change 0x00008086&0x0000ffff to 0x25928086&0x0000ffff AppleIntel915GA.plugin change 80862582-0000-0000-0000-ffffffffffff to 80862592-0000-0000-0000-ffffffffffff (2 instances) AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext IOPCIMatch change 0x00008086&0x0000ffff to 0x25928086&0x0000ffff Use DiskUtility to repair permissions OR (better) in terminal: cd /System/Library/Extensions chown -R root:wheel [KEXT_NAME].kext chmod -R 755 [KEXT_NAME].kext for each kext. Use the Paper Clip Trick from http://diabolik1605.com/DHF/index.html --> Intel GMA Support. Can also install on the Port Replicator. Video is now fine at 1280x768@32. Core Image and Quartz Extreme are enabled. To fix the 100& screen brightness, I installed DarkAdaptedX. --------- PCMICA card Also used the ricoh_pcmcia.zip kexts found in Ebeneezer' posts. --------- AIRPORT Working perfectly. TP-Link WN610G PCMICA Wireles G card Modified the /System/Library/Extensions/IO80211.kext/Contens/Plugins/AirPortAtheros5424.kext/Contents/Info.plist Added 'pci168c,13' under IONameMatch using the Property List Editor found in the Developer Tools. In /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist, be sure that the card properties are listed as: BSD Name is 'en1' IOInterfaceUnit is '1' --------- MISCELLANEOUS No Chinese or Japanese input methods were included on this installer disk. I copied the following from a previous installation to /System/Library/Components: SCIM.component (for simplified Chinese input) TCIM.component (for traditional Chinese input) 50onPalette.component and HangulIM.component (for Japanese input)