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  1. CMOS reset (?) problem

    forgot to say it. I've already tried this patch (I know the netiquette XD), but with this patch it gives me those errors (without it, it just give me a simple and normale bios reboot)
  2. Hi there! I've just installed yosemite 10.10.2 on my laptop, but i have a weird problem: everytime i reboot my hackintosh, seems that it reset the bios (in bios options the graphic mode return to "Switchable" and the f12 key for select the boot partition is disabled), but actually I can boot my hackintosh and the graphic mode is still "Discrete", but not according to the option in bios menu. Any solution?? :S thank you
  3. guys, how to install the mbr patch? i can't replace the "OSInstaller" and "OSInstall.mpkg" in installESD.dmg and BaseSystem.dmg
  4. ATI 5650m VGA widescreen resolution problem

    well, that's something i never heard about! Could you please tell me how to do, or maybe post me a tutorial?
  5. ATI 5650m VGA widescreen resolution problem

    i wish it was so simple too...i deattach and reattach the cable almost every day...but nothing to do, i'm sure this is a kext/driver issue, since with linux i don't have this problem...
  6. ATI 5650m VGA widescreen resolution problem

    I googled it months ago, asked around pc shops about this, but there is anything REALLY working, just dvi to hdmi, but vga to hdmi doesn't work at all, i even bought an adapter, but the monitor showed "no signal" since i have this problem for a very long time, i tried every framebuffers existing, firstly all the suggested for my graphic card, then i tried everything else...I discovered that the only one who allows me to show both vga and internal display of the laptop was the "Flicker" one... I noticed that with Ubuntu i don't have this issue...so I think it's a driver/kext problem, or something related..
  7. ATI 5650m VGA widescreen resolution problem

    nope, no problem with hdmi...but i have only a vga monitor do you have any ideas?
  8. ATI 5650m VGA widescreen resolution problem

    yeah, with all vga monitors...Already tried with a 4:3 monitor, but it can't detect the better resolution
  9. ATI 5650m VGA widescreen resolution problem

    Come on, dude, don't treat me like a stupid noob ahahahaha xD I already tried all this things, auto settings just remain the monitor as you can see in the screenshot. I tried ALL the basic things, but nothing to do, it's like os x detect my monitor as a 4:3 monitor...then, if i select any 16:9 resolution, it give me this error. Fristly i wanted to mod the Video Bios, and modify the 1600x1200 resolution in to 1920x1080, but i noticed that with ubuntu I don't have these issue, so it's just a osx problem…any ideas?
  10. ATI 5650m VGA widescreen resolution problem

    forgot to say that, i tried this too, but it move just a little to the left, not all the screen
  11. Hello everybody! here's the problem: I have installed on my acer aspire 7745g osx 10.9.3, and everything works fine (even the lvds screen with both intel graphics and ati 5650m) except for the resolutions on my external monitor VGA, widescreen. The higher resolution i can get without problem is 1600x1200, cause after that my mac display 1920x1200, but my monitor can support the last one. I already installed SwitchResX, but all i get is a half black screen cause the resolution can fit the monitor (as you can see in the screenshot, if i set 1920x1080, the best resolution for my monitor, it shows me like that, with almost half of the screen black...it seems that detect my monitor as a 4:3 display). Someone can help me, please?
  12. damn!! i hope you were joking! you know, i'm always serious when talking about health! anyway, waiting for your screenshots
  13. @ghajini08 are you still alive??
  14. Hi guys! As title says, is there a way to use iMessage and FaceTime with an account without a credit card on it? I tried every fix possible, i googled the problem for weeks before starting this threads. So, can anyone help me? Thanks