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  1. hello anyone can help me for yosemite , i have no acceleration with my 6650m (working with maverick) thanks for your help https://www.sendspace.com/file/rk062h
  2. no at this time i don't use patched kext , only ATY_Init.kext , if i remove this kext , i don't have video acceleration (VGA/HDMI) , but internal LCD is working (without acceleration) thanks
  3. many thanks Trucker MK.i test your upload , and feedback here IORegistry working with full acceleration in VGA/HDMI (black screen with internal LCD) http://www.sendspace.com/file/5aorlp http://hpics.li/be600f3 thanks
  4. hello can you help me with my AMD radeon 6650 M on my ACER 7750G I have upload : my DSDT ATI video dump (with aida64) my IORegistry ATY_Init.kext and 2 capture screen of my system information http://www.sendspace.com/file/7fitk3 I use Mac OSX 10.9.1 many thanks for your help if I use AMD6000Controller.kext 10.9 I have black screen , anyone can patch AMD6000Controller.kext 10.9 for AMD radeon 6650 M 1 go vram ? edit : i have tested with the HDMI outside and a LCD TV is't full working with AMD6000Controller.kext 10.9 , but i have nothing on my LCD computer ???? http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=987324video.jpg