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  1. YKSOFT1

    About This Mac Screenshots

    Lenovo Thinkpad R60 94602EC Core Duo T2300E 1GB RAM Mobility Raedon X1300 64MB 60GB Hitachi SATA2 Broadcom NetXtreme Analog Devices AD1981HD JaS 10.4.8
  2. YKSOFT1

    Leopard on a Beige G3?

    I read the developer document and it said the CPU should be faster than a 867MHz G4. So if I need to try it I must do something with the installer script.
  3. YKSOFT1

    Leopard on a Beige G3?

    Is XPostfacto works with current build of 10.5? One of my friend got a Beige G3 and successfully installed 10.4.9 on it with XPostfacto. it's rather sluggish with a 266MHz CPU and a PCI Raedon 9550 card. Anyone here tried Leopard on such an ancient machine?
  4. I think the Hotline server preterhuman.net "higher intellect" has all of them but here in China connecting to it is very slow...
  5. YKSOFT1

    Rhapsody Help...

    Is there something wrong with your Rhapsody CD?
  6. YKSOFT1

    Rhapsody DRII Installation Guide.

    Thanks for this. And many resources about the bootdisks didn't mark if these are for DR1 or DR2. DR1 bootdisks can't be used to install DR2.