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  1. Same problem here with both Mavericks and Yosemite. I have 128gb SSD. OS X works fine if I clone the SSD installation to a USB HDD and run from that. Too fiddly, so I have given up on OS X.
  2. I had this with multiple Mavericks installations. I could never get it to work, so I abandoned it and planned to wait for Yosemite. If I cloned my Mavericks over to a portable USB HDD, it worked fine, so it had a problem with the SSD. I have the i5 4300 processor. Today I tried the Yosemite install and like you - spinning ball again. Its unusable. Did you figure out a solution?
  3. 5. Once you are in, the only way that it will boot like it is supposed to is to delete all of the kexts that you copied over during the install. Delete those, then reinstall them with the kext utility. My SP2 would not run right at all until I did!! My install works, but runs very slow. Does this step improve the SSD read speed?
  4. So I installed a fresh OS X 10.9.2 onto a USB 3.0 external HDD (spinning HDD, not SSD) and it is very snappy. I then formatted a partition on the surface SSD and formatted to HFS+ journal. Copied from the external drive to SSD with Carbon Copier. The machine boots, but is again very slow. Anyone else experience this? Solution?
  5. Does anyone have OS X working well on Surface Pro 2 with the newer i5 4300u processor? I have made multiple USB install sticks and installed many times. Everything works, but it is unusable because it is so slow. I have the spinning colored orb for 10s whenever I try and change folders in finder?
  6. (Surface Pro 2 i5 4300) I installed 10.9.1 on a separate partition multiple times. While most things seem to work, the system is very slow. Each time I try and open a program eg. Finder, Safari, etc., I get the multicolored spinning timer. It takes 30s to open program. I have tried multiple USB sticks with same result. I recently downloaded 10.9.2 and installed that - Same result. I then formatted the whole SSD and installed only OS X, but this has not improved things. I have read some have OS X booting in 10s also. I have never had the Surface boot in under a minute. Started in safe mode - still slow. Don't know if it's related, but the only error I see on boot is: FakeSMC: [Error] failed to obtain OEM vendor and product information. Does anyone have any ideas?
  7. Once all setup and running, do I need to start "without caches and injected kexts" every time or will standard startup work?
  8. I have successfully installed to a SSD partition on a Surface Pro 2 i5 4300U. I did not have a USB 3.0 stick available, so used USB 2.0. Install was slow, which I expected - took near an hour. I can now start clover via same USB 2 stick and boot to OS X, but it takes 10+ minutes to boot. I thought once I got to clover, it would then boot quickly from the SSD. Is this expected booting from a USB 2.0 stick? Once in OS X, everything is so slow. Finder takes 10s to change folders on the SSD, starting any program much longer. So currently it is unusable. I tried re-installing, but ran into the same problem. Does any one have any idea what I am doing wrong?