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  1. palit 9400 GT video Card

    MacNutty thanks , i checked it before but i could not download it , it is always give this message "We are sorry, but all downloading slots for your country are busy" , so it will be good if you upload it to more than one site ( may be mediafire ,rappidshare) thanks
  2. palit 9400 GT video Card

    I have a palit 9400 GT video Card with 1 gbyte vram it work fine with 10.5.6 with QE sport ( i tested some games it work perfect) , i used OSX86Tools to make an efi string , i used 9800 gtx string ( which is found on the gfx list) , i just changed vram with EFIStudio ( gfx string could not be changed with OSX86Tools , so i copied text generated by OSX86Tools and pasted it in efistudio and there i changed the vram ) also it worked fine (with QE support ) using NVdarwin 1.2.5 (here it is http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=125106) ,i had to add my card Device ID TO NVDAResman.kext and NVDANV50HAl.kext ( may be one could be enough)
  3. Voodoo Kernel 2.0 Announced

    Good news how (where) to know what others kexts do (system.kext ,dsmos.kext .... etc)?
  4. PCEFI v9 Installer

    Thanks alot
  5. 10.5.6 and GeForce FX5500

    I did it , i can boot now but with no acceleration (using natit)
  6. Thanks for reply , I am receiving correct ip and i disabled dhcp on dlink access point (as it work in client mode), i am using it with windows xp and ubuntu , it work very good , but with mac os x,pcbsd (both system based on bsd ) it works fine for 10-15 minutes and then internet is stopped while there is still connection with my neighbor's router , so the problem happen when i use mac os x or pcbsd ,other system it works fine (my ethernet card is Realtek RTL8139 ) , i think the router stop routing with bsd base system after few minutes ,but why? (the router is TP-Link and not linksys ,i have linksys in the work and i do not have such problem)
  7. Hello every one here , i am using leopard 10.5.5 (kalway 10.5.1 updated to 10.5.5) it work fine but i have problem with the intenet. I am using dlink dwl-2100 access point (as wireless adapter) to get access to the wireless internet provided by my neighbor (he use TP-LINK Wireless Router WR541G/542G with dhcp server), i saw that internet was stopped after about 10-15 minutes ,i tried to ping some site and got no reply(while i get it in windows),i turned the connection off and then one also i get the same results after some minute, while there is connection with the router (when i pinged with the router i got response - local net) I do not have such problem with windows xp and ubuntu ,but i had it wit pcbsd unix so is there any idea to solve this problem.
  8. Happy 4th of July

    Really? Do you think Iraq is a better country now? (yes ,as the electric power cut off 16 hours per day ,with hotness weather reached about 49 Celsius ,is not it perfect now?)
  9. مشكلة فى تنصيب الماك

    جرب بعد ان تضغط f8 ان تكتب -v هذا راح يخليك تشوف خطوات تحميل النظام او الملفات المطلوبة وشوف اين راح يتوقف ممكن ان تعرف السبب بعد ذلك وتجد له الحل
  10. when i click on "About this mac" it logout and login again and i lose all my work ,what is the reason and how to slove it?
  11. But can we believe that Apple never know about x86 project ? so why it never did anythings yet about that? I think it is the time to Apple to make upgradable mac mini and other devices (hope they do so)
  12. لنتعرف على بعض و على أجهزتنا

    اخي حسام مشكور على التوضيح المشكلة محلولة معي - طبعا كانت المشكلة في كارت الشبكة ما تعمل من الماك ولهذا كان لازم اعلطها من خلال البايوس واقوم بالتنصيب وبعدها اعمل تغير للتعريف (الكي اكست ) حتى ترجع تعمل من جديد
  13. لنتعرف على بعض و على أجهزتنا

    السلام عليكم معكم اخوكم حسين من العراق جهازي Prosessor :Pentuim 4 (prescott) ,1 mb Mother Borad :Asrock P4i65G Video Card :Ino3rd geforce fx 5500 Vga ,256 mb Ram : 1 Gb , DDR Hard : WD 80 GB IDE , WD 160 GB Sata DVD : LG DVD RW IDE Audio :Built in : C-Media AC97 : Lan : Built in RTL8139 Wireless :Dlink Airplus DWL-520 Airplus DVB Card :Skystar 2 System :Kalway 10.5.2 (from kalway 10.5.1 updated by kalway combo 10.5.2 ) كنت بالاول منصب التايجر وكلشي تمام وبعد ما نزل الليبورد جربت انصبه لكن كان في بداية التحميل ويتوقف ( من سيدي التنصيب ) وجربت اكثر من نسخة brazil ,Toh ,نسخة انا عملتها من نسخة ليبورد اصلية حسب تعليمات احد الشباب في منتدى ثاني مع الباتش الخاص لكن ما نفع وبعد عناء (وحزن ) قمت بتعطيل كارت الشبكة المحلية من خلال البايوس وانحلت المشكلة وحصلت من هذا المنتدى على تعريف بديل للتعريف الي ينزل مع النظام وحليا شغالة بشكل ممتاز فقط كارت الستلايت رسيفر ما حصلت له حل الى الان والسلام عليكم
  14. It work fine with me (10.5) ,i can connect to web network ,but internet work for while then it stop while there is connection with the acesspoint (when i made ping to the accesspoint IP i get reply ,but to interent i get no reply ) and then i must to use network diagnose to reconnect .how to slove this problem ?
  15. خبر اكثر من مفرح - فلقد استفدت من هذا المنتدى في تنصيب الماك على اجهزة البي سي - نامل ان يرتقى المنتدى بلغتنا العربية