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  1. Paul Thurrott posts new Windows 7 screens

    Come on guys - Leopard looked like Tiger in the early builds, no? It probably is legitimate, considering he is pretty much up MS' proverbial rear end.
  2. [uk] iPhone as iPod Touch?

    Bench, you activate the iPhone from home in the UK.
  3. 3G iPhone in 2008

    AT&T Inc. Chief Executive Officer Randall Stephenson confirmed that the 3G version of the iPhone would be made available "next year". Plans for using the faster 3G data connection in the iPhone have not been secret. Steve Jobs has stated that a 3G iPhone is coming, but that the delay is due to excessive battery life consumption with existing 3G chipsets. The iPhone presently uses the EDGE network for its data connectivity. Let the release date speculation commence, and let's also hope Apple don't mess with their customers again after 2 months.
  4. Intel GMA 915 Leopard

    Unfortunately there is no GMA 900 or 915 support in Leopard. The only reason it was in Tiger was that the early developer machines used the 900 /915 chipset. This is not the case with Leopard.
  5. Has anyone tried using the 9a527 kexts on a non ToH version of Leopard? Perhaps the ToH guys removed some features from the install that may be preventing it from working?
  6. I suppose the only thing we can now do is hope that the Uphuck /iATKOS release has support for these and someone uploads the patches, or hope that a talented group of coders manage to crack this. I really hope they do, as the lack of QE / CI is the only thing that is making Leopard unusable right now on my machine.
  7. What Apple Really Thinks of Windows

    That has been in Leopard for the past few builds. I think it was shown in first in either the WWDC build (9a466) or 9A499. Still like the icon though, even if it does show that Apple haven't quite understood that the PC world have been using TFT's for years.
  8. iPhone on 10.4.9 ?

    I'm fairly sure that you can mod the version number that shows up in "About This Mac". I'm running 10.4.8 but my machine thinks it is 10.4.10. I did this to install iLife & iWork 08. I can sync up an iPhone to it with no problems.
  9. It's a shame that Piracy is treated like a big major crime such as rape or murder. In reality, it isn't. The only people that suffer are the music companies, however they don't see this as an opportunity to lower their prices ,so that people won't have to download as much as they do. Obviously I am not suggesting that piracy will ever be stopped, because I know it won't, but if they did decide to reduce their prices, then people may decide to actually buy music a bit more than they do now. Am I sad to see OiNK go? Well, yes I am. However we all know that someone will have some sense and resurrect the site, but move the servers somewhere remote so that there is less chance of being caught. Heck, The Pirate Bay and Demonoid made their comebacks, and so did SuprNova, so OiNK might not be dead yet.
  10. Do you use OSX86 as your primary OS ?

    I'm currently running Tiger 10.4.8 (Semthex Kernel) as my main os on my "HackBook" (HP NX 6110). I have installed XP Pro on a separate partition , just in case I want to play a game or need to run a Windows - only program. It took me a while to get OSX configured properly, but I'm glad I put in the time to get everything working. It also seems pretty damn quick - faster than XP. Quick overview of my HackBook specs: 1.4 GHz Celeron M 360 768MB RAM 40GB HD Intel GMA 900 Graphics (QE & CI Working with Diabolik's GMA 900 Patch & Home-made VGA dongle) Broadcom 440x Ethernet (Works with 10.4.3 files) My experience using this is making me seriously consider getting an iMac or MacBook as my next computer. I may also try out Leopard on this once it is released.
  11. MSI do make some very good motherboards. I've had one in my system (KT6 Delta LSR) running for 30 months now and it hasn't failed me once. No company is perfect though. Heck, it's not like Apple haven't made a few duff products before.
  12. UK vs US Pricing

    To be honest you won't save much money getting one imported from the US. Once it is imported you have to pay VAT at 17.5%, then import tax of 10%. Once you take these into account, then you are better off buying one in the UK. We pay the high prices in the UK because we have no other choice.
  13. The one that Steve spoke about is the HDC-SD1. They retail for $749 (price may fluctuate due to NYC Sales Tax). The best places to find one is Best Buy , Circuit City, etc. However there are lots of electronic Stores around the Times Square area - there are some on Times Square itself.
  14. Mac OS X Leopard 9A527

    Wow..... I'm lost for words on how great it looks. I am now seriously considering purchasing an iMac next year. The cat has finally got some sharp claws. Let's just hope it's not delayed any more.