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  1. Yeah, I have the same issue, we authentication with a domain\username and password. This is not included in the software.
  2. Ok, anyone know how to resize my windows partition, non boot camp and give more room to my already installed mavericks partition?
  3. Did you put "Dart=0" in your config.plist file for clover? if not, do a search for dart=0
  4. 1) You need a bluetooth dongle to get it to work, a little USB hub with wireless or wired network. OSX doesn't have drivers for the wireless built into the surface pro. 2) Battery works fine for me, charges and discharges. 3) 128 gb is plenty. On another Note.. I just got the Battery Cover.. Holy hell it's like a huge brick, lol. It's almost the size and weight of the surface itself!
  5. ok, that's weird I had to turn off secure boot control, and it mounted fine. after loading from the drive into mavericks, you load Clover Configurator It says "I can't find a config file, do you want to mount efi parition?" then unexpected disk identifier: disk0s2 > continue.. and you click yes.. then goto finder and press windows key-shift G and type in /Volumes/EFI/
  6. Once you install osx into your resized partition.. use clover configurator... it will mount your efi partition. just copy the clover folder to your efi partition, and In EFI/Microsoft/Boot rename the file bootmgrfw.efi to bootmgfw-orig.efi In EFI/Microsoft/Boot rename the file CLOVERX64.EFI to bootmgfw.efi Reboot without the Clover USB From there you can modify your config.plist file and give your machine a valid macbook air serial number. that's it.. I have a Surface pro 2 4300U running 8.1 and OSX 10.9.2 and never had to wipe my old 8.1 installation. it's dual boot, all driver installed, running fine, 100% facetime, imessage, app store.
  7. Lol.. no parallel guides! Why are people having to reinstall 8.1.. I resized my windows 8.1 and installed osx in the new partition.. then went to the efi partition and added clover.. i still keep all my old win 8.1 stuff. Why are people going to follow a guide that tells them to wipe out win 8.1 completely? Makes no sense...
  8. Yeah, i'm having the same problems, I have an Edimax ew7811un and ew7811utc. Both crash when removed, neither will allow my pro to sleep. anyone know of any fixes to either of these?
  9. There are 2 touchbase drivers, one for pen proximity and another for no pen proximity. If i remember correctly one disabled the buttons. it was a bug
  10. So, I don't know what exactly happened, but Facetime, Imessage, app store, everything is working now after my upgrade to 10.9.2 Very awsome.
  11. That would be the case then. I just installed the software updd driver. That would be the case then, I just purchased this software and installed it. so, there isn't any good way to have pen AND volume buttons working until he releases a fix?
  12. for some odd reason, my volume buttons on my surface pro 2 are not detected anymore for turning the volume up and down on osx, any ideas?
  13. I resolved this issue but moving back the windows8.efi file that should be in your /EFI/windows/ directory back to the original file, and rebooting, then updating, (This will oviously remove your dual boot) Then boot off your thumb drive and load back into the osx partition. Then go back to the \EFI\Windows partition moving the efi file back to window8.tmp.efi after updating.. That's how I got rid of that errors. I'm assuming your gonna have to do this after every windows firmware update.
  14. Let me know as well, i'm interested in the @5 or @10 license deal