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  1. aprodigy

    Farewell Revogirl.

    oh my... too bad! rest in peace!
  2. @flexyz and others: interesting. having the same problem as you (_cst evaluation failed) and hanging up from there. however, i'm coming from a different side since i'm using a xserve 2,1 (yea, i know, should be 3,1, but 10.6.0 up to 10.6.7 work all well without any hassle on that machine). i tried to identify the problem but not a single thing did help along the way (well, booting into -x has always been working fine though), i.e.: *) used different kernels and extension sets (modbins, nawcoms, stock 10.6 up to 10.6.7) *) got rid of startup items, launch daemons / agents and such things *) played around with esxi's vmx properties for hours *) removed nearly everything possible (usb, ethernet, floppy, serial et cetera pp) from the machine configuration *) tried the esxi-patch 1.02 even though i was expecting it not to help me here i was even desperate enough to put fakesmc in place but that's didn't make anything better either. does any one of you have a clue what's going on here? i haven't seen a single (halfway) obvious error in any log nor is any kernel i tried panicing and again: every os x server release from 10.6.0 up to 10.6.7 works very well on that 2,1 xserve. what did i miss that has been changed with 10.6.8? -aprodigy
  3. use clusterssh (cssh) for what you're trying to accomplish. should be available via macports, too.
  4. sorry, but 10.5 or even 10.4 with only 256mb ram won't make much fun and for iOS does not support ppc, i see no chance that this will ever happen. not even linux as the 'other os' was any good (i.e. as a workstation; it is useful for special purposes though).
  5. aprodigy


    roaaar @ fassl recht so.
  6. aprodigy

    NTFS unter Snow Leopard

    dito und überlegt euch mal echt genau, ob das mit den 64-bit für euch wirklich nötig ist! DIE MEISTEN VON EUCH, werden das am ende sicherlich verneinen!
  7. I'm only happy when it rains...You got it *Thumbs up*

  8. you need some fine electronic music surrounding you while experimenting with your newest osX86-stuff? listen to to this: http://www.friskyradio.com

  9. na, don't be laughing at me, stella ... i'm all that serious ;) i'm definately kinda flabbergasted! keep it up that way, you' listen me?!

  10. well, looking at the provided picture of ya, it's not the mac anymore that's insanely cute in here :) wish ya well, stella!