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  1. How can i change my chameleon into clover ? yeah i know, but I'm to lazy to re-partition my hard disk
  2. Hai everyone, i wanna ask about chameleon boot loader. So now i have 4 OS in one disk : 1. Windows (installed first) 2. Ubuntu (installed second) 3. Backtrack (installed third) 4. OSX (installed fourth) And my scheme for my hdd : 1. Sysytem reserved (Primary) 2. Windows (Primary) 3. Extended Partition (Primary) 3.1. Ubuntu (Logical) 3.2. Backtrack (Logical) 3.3. Data (Logical) 4. OSX (Primary) I use chameleon as my main boot loader but it can't read my linux partition. How to solve this problem ? Thanks for any help