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  1. Can't fix sleep

    I really don't know about that. Where can I look that up?
  2. Can't fix sleep

    Well, I've reininstalled OS X and followed your steps but all did not work. Here's the problem better described: When I choose sleep, my monitor goes black. Then, my DVD drive makes the "boot" sound and the PC goes off. Then, it goes on for like 1 second. Then it goes immediately off, then it goes on with the DVD drive making a hard, rough sound like there are 2 DVD's in the drive...and it goes of... then, for the last time, it makes the same noise and the pc restarts completely. I hope that's enough info you guys need from me...
  3. Can't fix sleep

    I cannot PM on Tonymac... I need like 75 posts to do so and I only have like 12. Can I PM you here?
  4. Can't fix sleep

    Interesting. I will remove the kext when I can. Will let you notify if it fixed my problem! Hope it does ^^ But it seems to simple to me Ah well, we'll see about that! EDIT: Thank you. I use the latest Chimera. Uhm I've got a Haswell CPU so... don't know if it's too new or something? Like there are no guides for it and stuff?
  5. Can't fix sleep

    Yes. Got it in my extensions folder.
  6. Can't fix sleep

    Hello dear users, I have one last problem with my Hackintosh, I can't get it to sleep. Whenever I set it too sleep the screen goes black but the pc stays on. Specs: i5 4670k GTX 780 12 Gb memory Mobo: Asus B85M-E I hope someone can help me fix this issue. Thanks!
  7. Greetings, I have succesfully installed 10.9 on my desktop. Everything works. However, my wired internet connection is very slow. Sometimes I have to wait 10 minutes for a page to succesfully load. Does anybody know how I can fix this? It was always fine under Windows 7. Specifications of my Hack: i5-4670k GTX 780 12GB RAM Asus B85M-E with Realtek 8111F Thanks in advance.
  8. Asus K65CB laptop installation issues

    I can understand why you don't use his tools and why it's not allowed to talk about here. Right now, I've installed Mavericks on my laptop. The only thing what's missing is my wifi, graphics as I dont have full res, trackpad and audio. Also, the only way to boot back in OS X is by using IGPEnabler=N GraphicsEnabler=N -x -v -f UseKernelCache=N dart=0. It's pretty frustrating to do this the whole time...and it's also not so nice as I prefer the Apple bootsplash instead of lines of code. Anyone know how to fix this? As for my laptops specs, I'll will also put it in my sig: Core i5 3317U CPU Intel® HM76 Chipset 6GB RAM Geforce GT 740m I have yet to find out what Lan card and music card I have.
  9. Hello dear insanelyMac users, I have an Asus K65CB notebook https://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/K56CB/#specifications I have succesfully installed ##### + OS X 10.9 installation file on my usb flash drive and I am able to boot into it... Might be able to use MyHack as [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] is kinda primitive. ...However, after the Apple Boot splashs show up, my screen goes entirely black. I already tried bootflags like GraphicsEnabler=No/Yes and PCIRootUID=0 but none of them work. I hope some can help me with this as I really want to test this laptop for OS X. Thanks in advance!