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  1. ebony

    Mac OS X Leopard 9A527

    The new menu bar looks awesome! (And I didn't even have a problem with the one in the WWDC Beta.) I'm confused though. Why has Apple so close to going gold in Leopard swung 180 degrees and changed the look of the toolbar buttons in preview to a more glossy look. Seen in this screenshot of preview. http://img411.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picture2cl5.png I definitely like it, but hasn't like every other app changed to the iTunesish toolbar button look. (a grey gradient that really indents when pressed) It would be too late in the development process to expect Apple to change all the apps' toolbar buttons to reflect this new look... Shame too... Is it just me or do the toolbar buttons here look like ass. http://img516.imageshack.us/img516/6061/picture2qm7.png
  2. ebony

    (Almost) Hidden Secrets of OS X

    Sigh. Curiosity really did kill the cat. I never knew the Dock could shrink to that size...
  3. ebony

    Mac OS X Leopard 9A527

    Hard to believe they axed the transparent menu bar. I guess the only things left in OS X Leopard to iTunesify are: - The scroll bars - The aqua buttons - The column headers I guess - And maybe the 'loading bar' whatever-they're-called. I can't imagine them going matte. What do loading bars look like on the iPhone? Can't wait for leopard! Should be great!