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  1. No, I don't use it! I use only AppleHDA working for SP2!
  2. I had try the combo update 10.9.5 but crash the startup system! Don't update to 10.9.5!
  3. Have you tried 10.9.5 on Surface Pro 2?
  4. I have the same big problem! Same configuration e same driver! Crash when i remove WiFi dongle USB EW7811Un. Can you update the correct driver? Thanks!
  5. The link of 0.5.1 not found now! I don't have a permission for this file!
  6. This new EFI (clover) folder is for surfacepro1 and surfacepro2 or only SP1? My brightness is correctly controlled after sleep. Before, the brightness control not found!
  7. Great work JAPE!!! It Works PERFECTLY!! Now bluetooth works perfectly without usb dongle! When you will have time, please make a kext for internal Wi-Fi! In this way, our Surface Pro 2 will be perfect for OSX! Very very thanks!
  8. MacSpike, try to remove AppleHDA.kext to 10.9.2
  9. Check the new update of UPDD: http://touch-base.com/documentation/SurfacePro.htm
  10. Hello seanmdevlin, thank you for your advice. I tried to download these drivers from you recommended: http://www.edimax.com/en/support_detail.php?pd_id=498&pl1_id=28&pl2_id=138 Unfortunately they do not recognize my wifi dongle (Edimax EW7811UN)! Too bad! Do you advise me some mini usb wifi dongle that does not block the system when it is disconnected? Thanks!
  11. I bought the adapter wifi usb EDIMAX EW7811UN, because it was recommended here and because it is very small. Unfortunately with the current driver (for Mavericks 10.9), if it is disconnected blocks all operating system and for me this is a serious problem. I would buy another adapter always small that do not have this defect. I ask you to help me find a good one. Which you use? Thank you.
  12. (surface2osx) Could someone post the file SSDT modified to working the screen brightness? Currently it works for me only after wakeup from sleep. Thanks!
  13. It also happens to you that installing the drivers for the touch screen do not work keys on the left side to adjust the volume? Do you know how to fix it?
  14. I have the same problem! How to fix it? If you plan to buy Touch Driver, please join us - pm me (italian please) I fix my [ PCI configuration begin ] block deleting the npci=0x2000 from clover config! It might cause some trouble removing this value?
  15. (surface2osx) Hello to all! I have 2 problems: 1) The dock bar appears after 30 seconds I started the mac. How come it takes so long? 2) I do not appear the button icons in programs and in the finder. Here is a picture: Can you tell me how to solve these problems? Thanks!