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  1. Recently learned about the Mavericks OSX VMware solution. Gave it a try and while neat, not sure how truly usable it will be. I'd like to have a Mac available to my kids for school work. They've used keynote as well as iMovie and a few more on the iPad. I grabbed a precreated VM image and have it running on a Yoga 13. I've run into a couple issues: 1: Flash not working correctly 2: Issues came up with Safari and it stopped working. + Unexpected crash while installing 10.9.1 update + Maybe flash related, wouldn't allow me to even go to the update page. 3: Some oddball flakyness. Webcam sometimes works and sometimes not. 4: Touchpad is seen as a mouse. i.e. no gesture support I'm not a regular Mac user, I don't know if the issues are VMware related, OS related, or just the ol' user error variety. I'd like to know from the experienced folks on the boards if there are any recommendations WRT using a VM based Mac. I did see comments by the folks providing the VM that it's only really for testing for the "real thing" Hackintosh install and that some things don't work. I'd like more insight WRT what doesn't work. I've used Linux based VM for several years and have been pretty happy. I know that as long as I don't need any fancy hardware integration, I should be fine for the most part. I fguire since Mac OSX is really just a flavor of Unix I figured it shouldn't be that too far off.. <jk> I might be tempted in trying a "dual" boot solution, but I'd be working with laptops. Yoga and Surface Pro and my understanding is that there are siginficant issues with hardware compatibility. AFAIK Yoga and Surface Pro WiFi devices are the key issue here. Not to mention touch screen. This is another key driver for the idea of using VM. I know there is a virtual box solution in addtion to the VMWare solution and of course a number of different OSX variations. If it would be much better to run an older version of OSX for stability. Thoughts and recommendations would be much appreciated. Regards, Mike