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  1. I did something and I was succeeded in booting it. I use Lion MBR patch instead of Maverick MBR patch. Everything went ok but got some error in installation. It ask me for language. I choose English, then an error. Also my laptop keyboard and touch pad was not working. I was able to use mouse instead. What can I do? Here is the installer log.
  2. faisal6309

    OSX Lion installation error.

    I saw some guide of creating usb bootable of Maverick here. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/293168-guide-how-to-make-a-bootable-os-x-109-mavericks-usb-install-drive-on-linux/ I follow each and every step to create usb bootable of Lion. But when I try to boot from USB I see nothing but three lines. And then I go nowhere. Can someone tell me what can I do? Thanks
  3. I was trying to create bootable usb of Lion using the same above method but I got this message when I tried to boot from USB. @tlac Boot0: test Boot0: done Boot1: error
  4. faisal6309

    Mountain Lion MBR Patch

    Will it work for Lion too?
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    Installing Mac OS X Lion on Hp Laptop

    It got this.. What to do now?? I was trying to find any thread which can guide me to install Lion from usb. Can't find any thread. Can you help?
  6. I have a core2duo laptop. I was suggested to install Lion in laptop. I am currently using Ubuntu as my operating system. Here are my specifications. I don't have any Mac so I was able to download .dmg file from torrent website. Here are the files in that .dmg file. How can install Lion on my laptop? Can someone guide me?? I can use both Ubuntu and Windows for this guide.. Please..!!!
  7. faisal6309

    Is my laptop compatible?

    Thanks for the help..
  8. Here are my laptop specification and I want to know that If I can install any Mac OS X on my laptop. My laptop can run 64-bit of operating systems too. Please tell me if I can.
  9. I can't extract my .dmg file. How can I do that in Ubuntu?? I download it from torrent. I have only one .dmg file on Lion. I am unable to extract that file. It says that "archive type not supported". What can I do? Also where I can get the image file so I can create bootable usb.
  10. I have a Hp laptop and I am using Ubuntu on it. I want to try Mac OS X so I download it from torrent and now I want to know if I can install it on. I've read that I need a Mac computer to do so but I don't have one. But I do have Linux running on my laptp and I want to know that if I can somehow install Mac OS X on my laptop using Ubuntu. Can I do it?