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  1. Is it possible to get native sound with AppleALC? My codec is IDT 92HD73E1X5 which isn't on the list. I've already tried some other device id's but still no go. Even just HDMI passthrough would be nice. I'm still using the GT 260 for now and here's an IO Reg. Any suggestions greatly appreciated, Thanks! Mac Pro 001.zip
  2. OK, I'm back. I ended up getting a Q9650 C2Q 3.0 Ghz. I'm using the GTX 260 GPU and so far everything works except internet. I would also like to overclock this processor. Should I install Hwmonitor in the EFI folder or in S/L/E so I can see processor temps etc. Thanks in advance.
  3. Did you try El Cap? For me, Microcode mod ain't gonna' happen on Intel Mobo! Found this today: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/309094-checkered-bw-screen-after-l5430-xeon-lga771-install-any-ideas/?hl=%2B775&do=findComment&comment=2253189 That's the screen I have when I try to boot with my 9800gt GPU in El Cap. GTX 260 is different!
  4. Sacre Bleu!! The Sapphire AMD R9 280X (Dual X) 3GB works with the C2Q q8200 OOB!! Sadness and grief! I've been dealt the very worst card ... no doubt about it ... Seriously, how does Clover "know" to spoof the CPUID of the C2Q to a Xeon Quad core? Would it be possible to spoof my Xeon 5460* to a C2Q so Clover can then spoof it back to a Xeon? Sort of a spoof of a spoof? Remember that the X5460 was actually **in** a Mac Pro https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/mac-pro-cpu-compatibility-list.1954766/ The other option is to overclock the {censored} out of the C2Q. CPU Boss says I can Overclock to 3.5 with water cooling-which I have!! And the other option is just to nuke this mobo from space-it's the only way to be sure!!!
  5. It's the same as above. But here it is again. DSC04795.jpg.zip
  6. Still stops in the same place. I'm thinking that I should re-install EC. I'm using this Clover folder from April 30. Maybe it needs Null PM?. MaLdon's Clover.zip
  7. Let's re-ignite this party! I have a Sapphire AMD R9 280X (Dual X) 3GB that wants to play. MaldOn, I went back and installed your first clover folder in my HDD's EFI partition. This is how far I got (photo). Any ideas? This card has a switch to use either legacy boot or uefi boot. Can't get to BIOS if it is switched to legacy. Only when switched to uefi boot will I be able to see the BIOS. My Intel BIOS can enable UEFI BOOT , but it doesn't matter whether uefi is enabled or disabled in the BIOS, I still must have the switch (on the card) set to uefi to get the BIOS. Thanks in advance!! DSC04795.jpg.zip
  8. which kexts need to be rolled back to yosemite? Just the IOPCIFAMILY and AppleACPIPlatform? Or will an upgrade to something like an AMD Radeon 7870 solve the problem?
  9. Should I try ssdt injection? I found an old dsdt that I made with proper card identification. I also tried tscsync like reported here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/301162-ga-ep45t-ud3lr-xeon-x5472-weird-problem-solved/ but nothing happened. dsdt(ex).aml.zip
  10. It works with the 2.33 but with the 3.17 not so much. With the 2.33, it says that NVDANV50Hal is loaded and then says NVDAKernel is loaded. With the 3.17 it never says anything about the NVDAkernel . Just wondering if there is some kind of conflict some where.
  11. Thanks! And I didn't realize there was a legacy section in your guide!
  12. Negative. Same as before. Any other ideas? With the 2.33 cpu I noticed that only Nvidia Tesla flavored kexts were loaded (see screen shot). And also the VRAM for the GTX 260 was wrong. It's actually an 896 card. A custom ssdt perhaps?
  13. Thanks for the reply. Just realized that your Clover file (from days ago) has Null in Clover/kexts/Other. So I should delete from Clover/kexts/Other only? Thanks for the new clover package. I noticed from X5640 cpu to Q8200* cpu my SMBIOS changed from MacPro to iMac. I thought MacPro SMBIOS was hardwired in your original Clover file? Where are the all the Clover folders that need to be deleted (backups etc.) when I switch to 3911 package? * All of my Mac systems report cpu as Xeon Quadcore but it is actually a Core2 Quad
  14. Do you mean take out NullCPUPowerManagement.kext from S/L/E? Or is there another way to disable it with Clover?
  15. To my surprise the Xeon quad core 2.33 Ghz for the 775 socket boots to El capitan! Here's an IOreg. Send me Agnes’s iMacw:Xeon 2.33.zip