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  1. Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    Hi!,i wanna kown does it work on AMD 8500/8700m series?There's a "Method(SGOF,xxx)" in my SSDT-3 and "Method(_OFF,xxx)" in SSDT-4,i am not very sure the relationship between SGOF and _OFF,can u give me some advice? If u are glad to,i am very happy to provide my DSDT&SSDTs! Thanks a lot!!
  2. Look at the picture blew.i think id is 03,but i just set INJECT INTEL=true in Clover,and the HD4000 working(QE/CI ).
  3. Thanks a lot.i can't download the kextes cause i am in China.....But it ddoesn't matter cause i have already sloved the brightness. The big problem is that i can't boot with your dsdt,ssdt,ssdt-1,ssdt-2,it shutdown suddenly in -v mode.Then i replaced your ssdts by my own ssdt,then it stopped at AppleLMUController:smcReadKey received error 0x84 when reading key MSLD.i will change the SMBIOS to MBA5,2(MBP8,3 currently) then try again.
  4. Hello everyone,a hacker from China;),so sorry for my bad English. After working days and nights for 3 months,i have installed 10.9 successfully and make the most part of it work perfectly! However,the f**king double Graphic Card design made it very hard for my OS X to get a long life without charger and alow temperature. I have tried a lot,i know the codes to disable Radeon 8730m is Method(SGOF) in ssdt-3 and Method(_OFF) in ssdt-4.But i just don't know how to use it... Here's my Hacking project: Product Name: SAMSUNG 730U3E/740U3E Operate System: Windows 8.1 Professonial X64( DirectX 11 )+OS X10.9 CPU: i5-3337U @ 1.80GHz MotherBoard: SAMSUNG_NP1234567890 (Ivy Bridge - HM76) Memory: 6 GB ( SAmSUNG DDR3 1333MHz ) Hard Disk: Samsung MZMTD128HAFV-000 Graphic: AMD Radeon HD 8500M/8700M(device ID:0x6601)+HD 4000(work perfectly by clover) Display: CMN1343 (12.7inch) Sound Card: ALC269VC Netwok Card: RTL8168E+AR9285 I have already made a DSDT and patched some necessary codes such as DTGP、SHUTDOWN etcs. There's no option in the BIOS to disable ATI. Thanks a lot if anyone can give any advics or help! XSDTs.rar