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  1. Hugo Guerreiro

    why did you make a hackintosh?

    Idid it for the chalenge....
  2. Hugo Guerreiro

    Windows 7 Beta 1

    Ok folks... Heres my first install over Parallels 4 on an hackintosh.... After the first reboot.... After the second reboot... And this is how it looks full screen after the install processes are over... EDIT: These pics are without AERO interface enabled... somehow it seems that the driver provided by Parallels isnt compliant with WDDM for AERO interface....Though i have a 8400GS with QE/CI fully working on my hack.....
  3. Hugo Guerreiro

    ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    Sorry for this really stupid question since i never did a benchmark with this new kernel after its final release but.... Is this good or bad? I know that it isnt a top system but i really would like to know if this score is good or bad .... Thanks Edit: Another question @Mercurysquad.... would you like help testing stuff for AMD? if so send a PM or had me @googletalk on hgserv@gmail.com. Edit2: i´ve been reading some stuff about DSDT patching... is it necessary on an AMD running perfectly fine to use DSDT patching with this new kernel?
  4. Hugo Guerreiro

    10.5.6 Released!

    Ok guys after a long time off the osx86 installations ( been testing some linux stuff...) I got to install iDenebs 10.5.4 and trying to update it directly to 10.5.6... it worked out pretty well. I just used ASU to just modify the update and before i install it i installed the new voodoo kernel and system kext. Then after that i installed the modified update and voilá here you go boys and girls ..... All is working pretty damn fine in here, check my sig for the hardware info.... Edit: I also had to keep the kexts from 10.5.5 to install after the update , mainly Seatbelt and System kexts or i would have a KP if trying to open a DMG file.....
  5. Hugo Guerreiro

    Deleted Post

    OMFG.... Please stop! I cant take it anymore.... I didnt had a laught like this in a long time....hehehehe.... Please stop or i will pee in my pants....looooooooooooooool
  6. Hugo Guerreiro


    I allready made a post with the hardware working and not working. Im a serious tester that wont leak the beta and provide feedback as requested to you and only you. Hardware is in sig. Hope i can be helpfull.
  7. Hugo Guerreiro

    Voodoo Kernel BETA 2 - Available now

    Like i said...im a dumb tester...lool. BTW these are very good news... finally someone cares about AMD users This is going to be a extraordinary revolution on how AMD users will start to look at OSX86. Looking forward to test beta 3. @Mercurysquad: Thank you for you patience on replying to my dumb questions.
  8. Hugo Guerreiro

    3D-Space VFS

    This app makes me remember the first jurassic park movie when the little girl navigates on a unix sistem...lol... Damn it is pretty similar to that!
  9. Hugo Guerreiro

    Voodoo Kernel BETA 2 - Available now

    But..what about CPUIDs? This means that we still have to use Zephiroth's ASU to patch the CPUIDs ?
  10. Hugo Guerreiro

    Voodoo Kernel BETA 2 - Available now

    Hy mercurysquad, Probably i will make a question that as been answered already but here goes: I read this on the oficial page at google: My question is, This means that we AMD users will have the ability to run vanilla installs on our machines without any kind of patching for the binaries but will still have to patch the CPUIDs ? PS: 100 posts!!!! (loool.... i shouldnt be so proud....more than a year to make 100 posts..loool)
  11. Hugo Guerreiro

    PCGenUSBEHCI for latest AppleUSBPlatform (V327.4.0)

    Ok you are doing an excelent work. When upgrading to 10.5.5 my system wouldnt recognize a usb unless it was pluged at boot... Now if i plug in a usb device with the OS already running it will be properly detected and will mount flawlessly. Thank you for your work and if you need any help testing other things you do that can be used on AMD just give me a call (PM). Hugo
  12. Hugo Guerreiro

    New version 1.1 of GenericCPUPowerManagement

    ehehehe just for science i loaded the kext on my AMD machine..... bash-3.2# sudo dmesg | grep GenericCPUPowerManagement GenericCPUPowerManagement: [Warning] No ACPI p-states in table GenericCPUPowerManagement: [Warning] No ACPI p-states in table GenericCPUPowerManagement: [Warning] No ACPI p-states in table GenericCPUPowerManagement: [Warning] No ACPI p-states in table GenericCPUPowerManagement: [Error] AMD is not supported yet GenericCPUPowerManagement: Please provide the following info to make it into next update GenericCPUPowerManagement: CPU Vendor: AMD [AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+] GenericCPUPowerManagement: CPU Signature: 40f33 GenericCPUPowerManagement: Mobile: 0 Latency: 0 TjMax: [Fill in] It wasnt that bad...i didnt had any crash or anything like that....but on the end of it when trying to unload the kext it just wouldnt unload...odd.... Edit: BTW the app loaded fine but just got waiting for the kext for a very looooonng time ...so i just shut it down....
  13. Hugo Guerreiro

    Voodoo Kernel BETA 2 - Available now

    I have to tell you ..this is rock stable! I took a screenshot from my desktop running a cpu stress test on my Athlon64 x2 4600+ 2.4ghz overclocked to 2.87ghz running a video on youtube with perfect sound and acessing everything in a click! Damn fast this is now!!!!!! It is so rock solid that i never , but never, got beyond 2.5 - 2.6ghz tops on overclock in windows and not even in osx86 itself!!!! Now im on 2.87 fully stable!!!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!! If this is like this being a Beta.... i cant imagine how it will be final! Superb!!!!! Edit> Only one thing...the little {censored} sleeps but cant wake up properly...but hey.. i dont use sleep anyway!
  14. Hugo Guerreiro

    My personal osx86 story!

    This SHOULD be on front page... Its a kickass thanking letter!
  15. Hugo Guerreiro

    Impossible Instalation in MSI P45 Neo F

    look guys there is plenty information on the forum about that board...google a little bit!