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    Preso no pos instalação clover

    Nenhuma das duas é a 7600 Go.
  2. Boas pessoal eu instalei o Yosemite e depois entrei no mesmo atravez do usb e instalei o clover e mesmo que eu meta o clover para instalar para mbr ele da boot0af: error. O que é que exactamente eu estou a fazer mal? Estou a usar um HP pavillion DV9000 series (não sei exactamente qual modelo mas sei o que contem) Intel Dual Quad Core Celeron t7400 4g(3gb devido a limitação do chipset) Nvidia 7600 E Placa de rede wireless e onboard Intel (que não funcionam ootb mas tambem visto que não consigo entrar com o clover ainda não vou entrar nisso).
  3. ultimateon

    I need a bit of advice.

    Currently stuck at the installer with the rainbow curser , tried all the flags on the guide given by rampage dev guide and here on thread.
  4. ultimateon

    I need a bit of advice.

    The deal is that i'm using a old snow leopard vbox and can't download the latest mavericks image from the vm
  5. ultimateon

    I need a bit of advice.

    Ill try this in a couple of hours will post after the test. Also i can't use the myhack method , the pen drives fail to booth every damm time.
  6. ultimateon

    I need a bit of advice.

    Hi everyone my name is ultimateon, and i'm here to seek some advice (Hold on to your eyeballs i'm gonna rant hard!). So after a FEW 10-11 tries(?) i have googled far and wide and failed miserably at trying to install OSX snow leopard on my pc, don't know if it was either the hardware that was incompatible or if its my lack of experience at mac and mac related software, but anyways , the closest i got to getting mac installed was with an iaktos ml2 usb drive and after instaling said drive it got stuck on the apple loading logo (forgive my ineptitude i still have this instaled if somone is willing to help me troubleshoot this). And after many hard and boring trys and endless hours of rage and googling this and that i decided to post on the varius forums. TL;DR i failed miserably and need help My build Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 (uefi bios updated, not sure if latest) Intel i5 2500 3.30 ghz (not unlocked version) Powercolor Radeon 6870 RipjawsZ F3-12800CL9Q-16GBZL Samsung HM321HI 320 GB hard drive Currently i only have a VBox with a snow leopard image running, i can't use to burn dvd's because it crashes so i can only instal via usb i have 2 16 gb generic Usb's (one is totaly generic and the second is from grixx). Also i still have the iatkos ml2 image instaled in the hardrive stuck at the loader anyone who wishes to help me... just say so.