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  1. Glitches on boot

    Hi guys, I'm having this same exact issue during boot. The strange glitchy apple logos. I don't know what patching kexts is or how to go about doing it. Can someone please direct me? Thank you so much!
  2. ATI FireGL on Mac OS X86?

    I'm triying to get my Thinkpad T60p working with Mavericks which has the FireGL 5250. No luck yet but I believe.
  3. Updated Thinkpad T60p

    Hi all, I've had partial success with installing Mavericks onto my Lenovo Thinkpad T60p. However I've run into a few roadblocks for which I've been combing the web for solutions. I've found a few guides that could work but they are all 3-6 years old and any kext downloads are expired or gone. I'm posting out of desperation and semi-noobness in hopes that someone can help me and anyone else working with the same notebook. Here's a screenshot of my Device list from DPCI Manager. I know I need a new Wifi Card, I think I can manage to get the sound working, but the real trouble is that ATI Mobility FireGL V5250 Graphics. The computer is really laggy and the refresh rates are horrible. If I'm not mistaken I need to fully enable the Graphics. If anyone can lend a hand it would be AMAZING! Thanks in advance.