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  1. If Mountain Lion is working for you then staying there is probably your best option imho. I'm running Mavericks on an (early 2006) Mac mini 1,1 upgraded to 2,1 w/a T7600 and with the kexts from Snow Leopard I can see webpages etc OK but videos are a problem at best. Right now I'm using bootcamp to watch video via Windows7 Experimenting with an external GPU going through the Mini's mPCIe port (airport card removed) - but that's another story.
  2. I was looking for value. I purchased my Mac Mini in 2006 as a refurbished unit for about $500.00. It was the most economical purchase I could have made, then and now. It has been my only and daily used computer, ever since. The only problem I've had was, in 2009 right after the cat knocked it off the desk and onto the floor, I had to re-install the OS starting from the original boot disk (in order to get past the flashing ?). My previous Mac (a Powermac 9600) lasted 10 years and I just installed Mavericks on the Mini - hope and expect I'll get 10 years of use out of it as well (although a graphics upgrade would now be welcome).